December 6, 2015

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23:58 Daniele Patucchi Telemark Improvisto!
23:54 Attilio Mineo Man In Art Man In Space With Sounds
23:48 Sun Dial Believe In The Spaceman Zen For Sale
23:44 DJ Olive Stuck On Gum ?????? ????????
23:37 Gigi Gryce Minority The Hap'nin's
22:43 Tony Conrad April 1965 Early Minimalism: April 1965
22:41 Wadada Leo Smith Dreams Dreams And Secrests
22:38 Patrick Saussois Delit Mineur Rhythms Gitanes
22:35 Cab Calloway Kickin' The Gong Around The Early Years, 1930-1934
22:33 The 6ths Winter In July Wasps' Nests
22:28 Marco Passarani Dirty Needlework Sullen Look
22:26 Hanggai Band Autumn (Namur) Hanggai (Mongolian)
22:22 Joy Division Colony Heart and soul (disc 4)
22:15 23 Skidoo Ooze The Gospel Comes To New Guinea
22:13 Petras Vysniauskas Albino's Movements Golden Years Of The Soviet New Jazz Volume 2 (Disc 4)
22:11 Artist 08 - One Special Gift Title
22:06 Autechre Chenc9 Quaristice
22:03 Esther Brinkmann le neant quotidien Weisse Nächte
21:59 M:i:5 Logorrhoe 4 Kreisel 99/44
21:54 Jeanette Cuando Estoy Con Él 20 Éxitos Originales
21:50 Tortoise Reservoir Sheets Lonesome Sound 7"
21:44 Ike Quebec Me And You Soul Samba
21:41 Cab Calloway Blues In My Heart The Early Years, 1930-1934, Volume #1
21:34 Quando Quango Love Tempo (Remix) Disco Not Disco
21:30 Sylvia Pillow Talk Can You Dig It? The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 4)
21:27 Virginia Eskin Novelty Rag Fluffy Ruffle Girls: Women in Ragtime
21:25 Cristobal Soto Persigueme - Vals The Tradition Of The Mandolin In Venezuela
21:25 Malcolm Clarke The Doctor And Jo On The Run [the Sea Devils] Doctor Who At The BBC Radiophonic Workshop- Volume 2: New Beginnings 1970-1980
21:18 Infiniti Flash Food Magic Tracks Compiled By Juan Atkins
21:15 Piernicola Di Muro Finale Gatto Nero Gattonero
21:12 Joe Falcon with Cleoma Breaux & Ophy Breaux Poche-Town Cajun. Abbeville Breakdown 1929-1939
21:11 Tom Glazer What Is Energy? (part 1) Energy & Motion Songs
21:06 Thelonious Monk Body And Soul The Complete Riverside Recordings (Disc 15)
21:03 Django Reinhardt Griserie Rare Django (1928-1938)
21:01 Eve Boswell Pickin A Chicken Hello Children...Everywhere CD
20:56 Phil Ranelin He The One We All Knew (extended) The Time Is Now!
20:54 N.O.I.A. Nagasaki Forced Fun 1945 Unreleased
20:47 Bola Vertiphon Fyuti
20:45 Max Roach Glow Worm The Max Roach Quartet Featuring Hank Mobley
20:41 Sly & Robbie From The Grass Dub King Tubby's Dance Hall Dub
20:37 The Sichuan Opera Scene 1: Prologue In Heaven The Legend Of The White Snake -- Disc 1
20:21 Pram In Dreams You Too Can Fly The Stars Are So Big, The Earth Is So Small
20:17 Chingiz Sadykhov Bu Geje Songs Of Azerbaijan
20:02 Lalezar Ensemble Sevkutarab Kâr (3.Selim) Music Of The Sultans, Sufis and & Seraglio: Volume 1 - Sultan Composers
19:57 Electrelane Gabriel Rock It To The Moon
19:53 Lutefisk Burn And Rob Burn In Hell Fuckers
19:46 Grant Green Exodus sunday mornin'
19:41 Dave Brubeck Quartet Sahra So What's New?
19:39 Antonio Carlos Jobim Stone Flower Stone Flower
19:38 KK Null 1 Gev
19:35 Billy Murray The Red Rose Rag 1920s Recovered Recordings
19:32 Cab Calloway This Time It's Love The Early Years, 1930-1934
19:30 Woody Guthrie Gypsy Davy Woody Guthrie: The Early Years
19:22 Uusitalo Bedroom Selection Vapaa Muurari Live
19:18 Abbey Lincoln Just For Me It's Magic
19:14 Dave Brubeck Thank You For Iola
19:08 Vladislav Delay Nuomo Sistol
19:03 Terre Thaemlitz Fina * Departure Tranquilizer
19:00 Louis Armstrong Kokomo An Evening With Louis Armstrong And His All Stars
18:54 Sonic Youth Pendulum Music Goodbye 20th Century
18:52 Mr. Oizo Bad Start Analog Worms Attack
18:28 Leo Kupper Le Reveur Au Sourire Passager Electro-Acoustic
18:24 Nina Simone I Loves You, Porgy Anthology (Disc 2)
18:13 Hartmut Geerken Post-Ramadan Exhausters The African Tapes
18:10 Phong Nguyen Ensemble Ly Lu La (Lu La Folk Song) Song Of The Banyan: Folk Music Of Vietnam
18:06 Dan The Automator Seneca - Tortoise Wanna Buy A Monkey?
18:01 Chicks On Speed Kaltes Klares Wasser Chicks On Speed Will Save Us All!
17:58 Dizzy Gillespie 52nd Street Theme 1945-1950 Small Groups
17:55 Nellie Lutcher & Nat King Cole For You My Love 1950 The R&B Hits
17:51 Jeff Mills B1 Minimal Nation (mispress)
17:47 Handsome Boy Modeling School holy calamity (bear witness ii) So...How's Your Girl
17:45 Metamatics Vaxhug From Death To Passwords When You Are A Paper Aeroplane
17:31 The J.B.'s More Peas Funky Good Time: The Anthology
17:29 Bhupinder Jagat Mein The Golden Collection - Bhupinder
17:24 The Propositions Vamping Propositions
17:21 Woody Guthrie Buffalo Skinners Woody Guthrie: The Early Years
17:17 Midnight Movers Unltd. Funk Don't Mean A Scent Truckin'
17:16 Kit Clayton 13-19 The Ping Pong EP
17:08 Terry Riley Continued Poppy Nogood and the Phantom Band 'All Night Flight' Vol. 1
17:04 Lee "Scratch" Perry Dread At The Mantrols - Mikey Dread Arkology Reel II - Dub Shepherd
17:02 Garland The Great Strike A Match The Spark Records Story
16:59 Los Indios Tabajaras You Belong To Mu}Y Heart Maria Elena/Always In My Heart
16:56 Magnetic Fields, The I Shatter 69 Love Songs-2
16:52 Musicology Telefone 529 Artificial Intelligence
16:38 Paul Metzger Emel Open Strings: 1920s Middle Eastern Recordings -- New Responses
16:34 Ash Ra Tempel Begleitmusik Zu Einem Horspiel (Part 2) The Best Of The Private Tapes (Disc Two)
16:32 François Bayle énergie Libre, énergie Liée L'Expérience Acoustique
16:25 Longineu Parsons Search For The New Land Spaced: Collected Works 1980-1999
16:18 Pentatonik Real Trance Europe Express 2 [Disc 2]
16:14 June Christy I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance With You Complete Peggy Lee & June Christy Transcriptions (Disc 1)
16:14 The Frogs Who's Sucking On Grandpa's Balls Since Grandma Ain't Home Tonight? My Daughter The Broad
16:09 Shiela Jordan If you could see me now (Damer Portrait of Shiela
16:07 Servotron The Image Created I Sing! The Body Cybernetic EP
15:58 EQD A (Original Mix) Equalized #002
15:53 Rusty Bryant Love For Sale Rusty Rides Again
15:49 Mr. Peter's Boom & Chime Shal I Baby? Haul Up Your Foot You Fool
15:47 Invisibl Skratch Piklz Damn The Shiggar Fraggar Show!
15:44 B.T. Express Express Rock Instrumental Classics Vol 3
15:35 Various Artists No.3 (Debit) Decay Product
15:35 DJ Olive Neu Adult ?????? ????????
15:22 Jackie O'Motherfucker quaker Magick Fire Show - Wow
15:05 mev 7 10 rome
15:03 Bo Carter My Pencil Won't Write No More Raunchy Business - Hot Nuts & Lollypops
15:02 Dick Raaijmakers Ster Tune 7 Popular Electronics: Early Dutch Electronic Music From Phillips Research Laboratories 1956-1963
14:57 Aphex Twin Xepha on
14:54 Danilo Caymimi Pe Sam Cabeca Cheiro Verde
14:51 Les Baxter Stone God Ritual of the Savage
14:49 Clockwork Orange Your Golden Touch Pebbles Vol 10
14:43 Ken Nordine The Akond Of Swat Word Jazz: A Transparent Mask
14:35 Jim O'Rourke Movie On The Way Down Eureka
14:28 As One Mihara Reflections
14:27 Thelonious Monk Abide With Me The Complete Riverside Recordings (Disc 4)
14:23 Gary Numan Remind Me To Smile Exhibition
14:19 Allen Ginsberg May 22 (1962) Calcutta Howls, Raps And Roars
14:19 Pomassl Atto Surplus Skeleton 2
14:17 Lou Barlow Round-n-Round Emoh
14:08 Marvin Gaye A Funky Space Reincarnation The Master-4
14:02 kotai+mo 008.05 nyc loops
14:00 DJ Olive Neu Adult ?????? ????????
13:56 Pan Sonic Kone Aaltopiiri
13:48 Low Turning Over A Lifetime Of Temporary Relief
13:42 Joy Division Atrocity Exhibition Heart And Soul [Disc 2]
13:39 Os Ipanemas Berimbau Os Ipanemas
13:37 The Residents Lizard Lady Duck Stab / Buster & Glen
13:33 Depeche Mode Halo Violator
13:30 Duke Ellington Snake Hip Dance The Okeh Ellington, Vol. II
13:25 Cabaret Voltaire Breathe Deep 2 X 45
13:18 Joe Henry Tiny Voices Tiny Voices
13:15 Jackson Do Pandeiro O Canto Da Ema Preferência Nacional
13:06 Simon Nabatov Trio For Steve Sneak Preview
13:01 Jeff Buckley So Real Grace
12:58 The Cure Bananafishbones [Live] The Top: Rarities 1982-1984 [Disc 2]
12:54 Jowandi World: Australia, Winnawal Burru Australia: The Dreaming
12:51 Django Reinhardt I Love You Quintette Du Hot Club De France
12:47 Jackie-O Motherfucker Analogue Skillet Fig. 5
12:44 King Curtis Rockabye Baby Honkin & Hollerin
12:40 Kid Ory's Creole Jazz Band A Closer Walk With Thee Kid Ory's Creole Jazz Band
12:39 Matthew Shipp portal Equilibrium
12:35 Gary Numan Telekon Telekon
12:34 The The If You'll be a Baby to Me Hanky Panky
12:28 Jeff Mills Illusions At First Sight
12:25 Yehuda Hanani Sonata No. 1 In B Flat Major - Largo Vivaldi Six Sonatas For Cello
12:20 Sexteto Tabala Agua Colombia: The Kings Of Son Palenquero
12:15 Stasis Questions For Vanmanan Redcell : Stasis
12:11 Rick Tomlinson Surfin' UAE Open Strings: 1920s Middle Eastern Recordings -- New Responses
12:09 Duane Eddy Kommotion Twang Thang- Anthology
12:07 Jad Fair And Yo La Tengo Principal Punishes Students With Bad Impressions And Tired Jokes Strange But True
12:04 Benny Goodman Solo Flight JG06: Benny Goodman / Clarinet A La King
12:00 Spanish Harlem Orchestra Cuando Te Vea Across 11th Street
11:56 Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 The Demise Of Craig Lovelyville
11:53 Yeghish Manoukian Dilidjan Sources
11:47 Lithops Blasmusik Lithops Rare Vinyl Singles
11:44 Los Indios Tabajaras More Brandy - Please Maria Elena/Always In My Heart
11:39 Cal Tjader A Light Groove Cal Tjader Quartet
11:33 Soul Expedition Night Life Soul Expedition
11:26 Alexander Von Schlippenbach The Onliest - The Loneliest 2 Piano Solo '77
11:22 James Brown Coldblooded Hell
11:17 Demolition Doll Rods Come Out Of The Rain Tasty
11:14 Ran Blake Knowledge Box Horace Is Blue: A Silver Noir
11:11 Christian Marclay Black Stucco Records 1981-1989
11:09 Pan Sonic Louhi Kesto (234.48:4)
11:06 The Magnetic Fields Tokyo A-Go-Go The Wayward Bus
10:50 François Bayle Transparence Du Purgatoire L'Expérience Acoustique
10:46 Mogwai Secret Pint Rock Action
10:44 Thelonious Monk Crepuscule With Nellie Monk In France
10:33 Art Blakey And The Jazz Messengers A La Mode Keystone 3
10:29 Bauhaus Satori Mask
10:16 Mort Garson climax two Music For Sensuous Lovers
10:10 Alice Coltrane Atomic Peace Monastic Trio
10:07 Big Star Feel #1 Record / Radio City
10:03 The Band King Harvest (Has Surely Come) The Band
10:00 Tanburi Cemil Bey G Lizar Taksimi (Tanbur) Tanburi Cemil Bey
9:54 Omar Souleyman Toul Al Zeenah Highway To Hassake: Folk And Pop Sounds Of Syria
9:52 Karlheinz Stockhausen I Trompetend - Bruellend / Silence At End 1'11'' Mikrophonie I And II, Telemusik
9:41 Peter Giger Jones Bones Mozambique Meets Europe
9:39 Buddy Merrill Lahaina Luna Beyond The Reef
9:37 Flying Lotus Camel Los Angeles
9:33 The American Analog Set The Wait The Golden Band
9:30 Tara Nevins Sittin' On Top Of The World Mule To Ride
9:27 Bill Monroe And His Bluegrass Boys Footprints In The Snow The Essential... (1945 - 1949)
9:25 Udi Hrant Kenkulian Hüseyni Taksim Udi Hrant Kenkulian
9:22 Jacob Do Bandolim Doce De Coco Original Classic Recordings (Volume 2)
9:20 Basic Channel Phylyps Trak II Phylyps Trak i/ii
9:14 Theorem debris ion
9:11 Django Reinhardt Minor Swing Djangologie/USA
9:09 Bobby Previte The Migratory Bird[glitch] The 23 Constellations Of Joan Miró
9:06 Her Space Holiday Manic Expressive ( Enter ) Manic Expressive
9:05 Nurse With Wound Raymonde Fluffs It A Sucked Orange
9:03 Patsy Cline I Can't Forget Walkin' After Midnight
9:00 The Vibrators Jumpin' Jack Flash Live at the Marquee 1977
8:55 Midwest Product featuring Mike Dykehouse Dirty Mind Paisley Product Live
8:49 Rhythm & Sound With Paul St. Hilaire Never Tell You Version Showcase
8:46 George "Bullet" Williams The Escaped Convict Alabama Blues 1927-1931
8:43 Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid Greensleeves Tongues
8:41 Bruno Nicolai Il Trono Di Fuoco II The Horror Films Collection
8:35 Omar Souleyman Jani (2) Highway To Hassake: Folk And Pop Sounds Of Syria
8:33 Limeliters Spanish Is The Loving Tongue Vol. 2 Of 3
8:29 Les Baxter Et Son Orchestre Ceremony Percussions Tropicales (aka The Soul Of The Drums)
8:23 Arthur Blythe Besame Mucho Blythe Byte
8:19 Louis Armstrong My Bucket's Got A Hole In It An Evening With Louis Armstrong And His All Stars
8:11 Banda Mantiqueira Cubango Aldeia
8:08 Junket Pile S.f. Claremont Hi
8:03 Statman Klezmer Ochestra Der Skyliner Khosid Klezmer Suite
8:01 KK Null 14 Gev
7:57 23 Skidoo Coup The Gospel Comes To New Guinea
7:51 Anna Guo Festival In The Tian Mountains Chinese Traditional Yang-Qin Music
7:47 Harry Partch The Pilgrimage Delusion Of The Fury
7:45 Five Keys Wisdom Of A Fool Golden Classics
7:42 Green Arrow Hurungwe 4-Track Recording Session
7:40 Delia Derbyshire Freeze Frame Electrosonic
7:37 Kath Bloom With Loren MazzaCan When I Feel You Coming 1981-1984
7:33 Mr. Fingers Uniform Variations Introduction
7:29 Cab Calloway Moonlight Rhapsody The Early Years, 1930-1934
7:27 Louis Jordan Safe, Sane And Single Five Guys Named Moe
7:23 Isaac Hayes I Want To Make Love To You So Bad Chocolate Chip
7:17 Autechre Simmm Quaristice
7:15 Beautiful Bells SSA Managing Depth
7:07 Art Farmer And Benny Golson Jazztet Are You Real The Jazztet
7:04 Buddy Killen Whatcha Gonna Do Tomorrow Rip It Up
6:59 brinkmann / nikolai / petitgand .... .
6:57 Various Artists - Star Trek Series Star Trek Main Title Volume 2: The Doomsday Machine/Amok Time
6:41 ShivuTaralagatti Rafa Jhinjhoti - Vilambit Gat - Rupak Shivu Taralagatti
6:26 Philip Cohran Unity Live 1968 On The Beach
6:19 Theorem Steem Nano
6:15 Dave Pike Just Say Goodbye Jazz For The Jet Set
6:11 Blectum From Blechdom Mummy Secret Storage De Snaunted Haus
6:08 Godzuki count the rings Your Future
6:05 Billie Holiday I Cover The Waterfront 1935 - 1942
6:02 Benoit Pioulard Needle & Thread Précis
5:59 Billie Holiday Pennies From Heaven 1935 - 1942
5:56 Meade Lewis Lux Celeste Blues 1927_39
5:52 The Detroit Escalator Co. Gratiot Soundtrack 313
5:49 Roscoe Holcomb Trouble In Mind The High Lonesome Sound
5:44 Paulo Moura Ronda/Sampa Dois Irmaos
5:40 Dirty Three Wheels Lowlands
5:39 Stephan Mathieu Hpassage Frequency Lib
5:34 Sun Ra Prelude To A Kiss Stardust From Tomorrow
5:31 Soft Boys I Wanna Destroy You Underwater Moonlight (Disc 1)
5:27 Her Space Holiday Home Is Where You Hang Yourself Home Is Where You Hang Yourself
5:22 Jazzanova Another New Day In Between
5:17 AFX SteppingFilter 101 Analord 01
5:09 Thelonious Monk Brilliant Corners The Complete Riverside Recordings (Disc 2)
5:05 Suicide Rocket U.S.A. Suicide
5:02 Autechre Bnc Castl Quaristice
5:00 Kokomo Asia Minor Felsted 8612
4:54 Suburban Knight Collaboration Alpha My Sol Dark Direction
4:48 Chick Corea Crystal Silence Return To Forever
4:43 Danilo Caymimi Cheiro-Verde Cheiro Verde
4:38 DJ Krush 1200 Kakusei
4:35 Kid Ory's Creole Jazz Band Blues For Jimmie Noone 1944/45
4:32 Arpanet Ergosphere Inertial Frame
4:29 Unrest Champion Nines imperial f.f.r.r.
4:27 Beautiful Bells SSB Managing Depth
4:22 Jali Nyama Suso Sutukum Kora Music From Gambia
4:19 Slim Harpo I'm A King Bee Essential Blues 2 - Disc 2
4:16 The Fall Middle Class Revolt! Middle Class Revolt Aka The Vapourisation Of Reality
4:13 Original Dixieland Jazz Band Livery Stable Blues Ken Burns Jazz: The Story Of American Music
4:10 Eddie Cochran Jeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie Eddie Cochran - Legendary Masters Series Vol. 1
4:03 Harry Partch Castor The Harry Partch Collection Volume 1
4:00 Ellen Fullman Nocnoca Progression Change of Direction
3:55 Brasil Aquarius Agua De Beber Improvisto!
3:52 Marvin Gaye Together We Stand (Divided We Fall) The Master-2
3:48 The Frogs Reelin' And Rockin' #1 My Daughter The Broad
3:39 David Mahler The King Of Angels The Voice Of The Poet: Works On Tape 1972-1986
3:33 Roedelius Regenmacher Dirty Space Disco
3:30 Jacob Do Bandolim Sempre Teu Original Classic Recordings (Volume 1)
3:27 Sainkho Namchylak 2nd Dance Amulet
3:22 Joy Division Dead souls Heart and soul (disc 2)
3:18 The White Stripes Seven Nation Army Elephant
3:15 The Vibrators Sweet Sweet Heart Live at the Marquee 1977
3:06 Faust Why Don't You Eat Carrots? Faust/Faust So Far
3:01 Charlie Mauu & His Coconut Uke Himene No Te Tamai Tamure Tahiti
2:58 Various Artists (Chain Reaction) No. 7 - Original Mix Decay Product
2:52 Innerzone Orchestra Architecture Programmed
2:47 Pastels, The On The Way [remixed by Third E Illuminati
2:33 Basic Channel a1-basic channel - radiance i radiance (bc_08)
2:30 Blind Willie McTell Southern Can Mama The Classic Years 1927 - 1940 (Disc 3)
2:26 Nordic Chamber Choir Ov E, Lass', Il Bel Viso? O Magnum Mysterium
2:22 Kenny Dorham I'll Be Seeing You 2 Horns, 2 Rhythms
2:16 Gilberto Gil Xote O Sol De Oslo
2:13 The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Confused Xtra-ACME USA
2:10 Simon James Battle For The Mind Welcome To Mars
2:05 Will Johnson Catherine Dupree Vultures Await
2:02 Husk O'Hare & His Footwarmers My Daddy Rocks Me Chicago - That Toddlin' Town
1:55 Udi Hrant Kenkulian Setarban Taksim The Early Recordings Vol. 1
1:53 The Ba-Benzele Pygmies Lullaby Anthology Of World Music_ Africa_ The Ba-Benzele Pygmies
1:46 Iggy & The Stooges Till The End Of The Night Year Of The Iguana
1:43 Jimmie Lunceford & His Orchestra For Dancers Only Ken Burns Jazz: The Story Of American Music
1:32 Otha Turner Stripes Otha Turner And The Afrossippi Allstars
1:29 Chico Buarque Desalento Construcao
1:24 Minibosses Castlevania Minibosses
1:16 Mandible Chatter Ossification Drinking Out The Hourglass
1:13 Stan Getz Corcovado Girl From Ipanema_Bossa Nova Years Cd 3
1:06 Alice Coltrane Blue Nile Ptah, The El Daoud
1:05 ShivuTaralagatti Raga Kaunsi Kanada - Jod Shivu Taralagatti
0:59 Thomas Brinkmann .. .
0:51 Art Ensemble of Chicago Sangaredi Tribute To Lester
0:48 Hossam Ramzy Fallahi Rhythms Of The Nile 1
0:42 Plee Qualität Im Quadrat Mokira
0:39 Neil Norman And His Cosmic Orchestra Capricorn I Greatest Science Fiction Hits III
0:35 Zwischenwelt Telekinesis Paranormale Aktivitat
0:31 Autechre netlon sentinel. ep7
0:30 Aksak Maboul Comme On A Dit Onze Danses Pour Combattre La Migraine
0:24 Mark Levine Lil's Paradise Mark Levine And The Latin Tinge
0:21 Jimmie Lanceford Orch Rhythm Is Our Business Swingtime 2 Disc 2
0:16 Arthur Russell This Is How We Walk On The Moon Another Thought
0:14 Tubeway Army You Don't Know Me (Live) Tubeway Army
0:05 Shackleton Asha In The Tabernacle Three EPs

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