October 11, 2015

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23:54 Billie Holiday Foggy Day All Or Nothing At All (Disc 1)
23:48 Larry Heard Cosmology Myth Alien
23:42 Casino Versus Japan Local Forecast GO HAWAII
23:39 James Brown It Was You Try Me!
23:35 Karim Tahar Aala El Djazair Chanteur De Charme: Les Grands Succes 1950-1965
23:30 Black Sabbath Solitude Master Of Reality
23:25 Couch Linie Gegen Strich Fantasy
23:20 Little Richard Lovesick Blues King Of Rock And Roll: The Complete Reprise Recordings
23:14 Ester Brinkmann Se Mouvoir Totes Rennen
23:10 Beres Hammond They Gonna Talk The Ultimate Collection: Can't Stop A Man
23:04 Paul Bley Points Hands On
22:58 Madjid Khaladj 12/8 Tehrani Anthology Of Iranian Rhythms Volume 1
22:52 Sainkho Namchylak Letter 4 Letters
22:45 Pram Things Left On The Pavement Helium
22:41 Marvin Gaye She Needs Me The Master-4
22:38 Kudsi Erguner Ensemble Gel Ela Gozlum Efendim Yanima Vocal Masterpieces Of Kemani Tatyos Efendi
22:34 Free Design You Are My Lover Kites Are Fun: The Best Of The Free Design
22:31 Django Reinhardt Avalon Django With His American Friends
22:29 The Seeds A Thousand Shadows (New Mix) Travel With Your Mind
22:28 Various Artists - Star Trek Series Vena's Punishment Volume 1: The Cage/Where No Man Has Gone Before
22:23 Matthew Dear But For You Leave Luck To Heaven
22:20 Sleeping Dogs Lie Porno Fucks From 1974 Joy
22:16 Savia Andina Sicusmanata Classics 2 (El Minero)
22:10 Thelonious Monk Epistrophy Live In Japan 1963
22:07 Pavita Sola Luna De Azucar Songs Of Argentina
22:00 Aphex Twin Tassels Selected Ambient Works Volume
21:55 Johnny Hammond Shifting Gears I Feel The Earth Move
21:54 Roland Kirk Time Races With Emit Domino
21:49 Badawi Welcoming The Heretic Of Ether
21:42 Grupo Afrocuba Pa' Los Mayores (Yambu Matancero) Raices Africanas
21:37 Howe Gelb Saint Conformity (live On WFMU) Don't Shoot The Toy Piano Player
21:36 John Baker Newstime BBC 1+2 The John Baker Tapes vol.1: BBC Radiophonics 1963-74
21:32 Funkadelic Undisco Kid Music For Your Mother (Disc 2
21:30 Phong Nguyen Ensemble Do Doc Do Ngang (Boat Song) Song Of The Banyan: Folk Music Of Vietnam
21:24 Biodub Polar Ice Depth Perception Vol.1
21:21 Various Artists - Godzilla Godzilla vs. Spacegodzilla - Mogera Vs. Spacegodzilla #3 The Best Of Godzilla 1984-1995
21:18 Markus James Far As I Can Run / Majirica Samba Timbuktoubab
21:10 Sara Schoenbeck Glacial (Memory) Next
21:06 David Bowie Five Years The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars
21:02 23 Skidoo Ethics The Gospel Comes To New Guinea
20:57 Prolapse Cylinders V12 Beats Cylinders 8 Ghosts Of Dead Aeroplanes
20:52 Depeche Mode Policy Of Truth Violator
20:46 Luke Eargoggle Less Is More From Luke's Journal
20:44 Johnny Cash Life Goes On The Complete Sun Singles, Vol. 2
20:42 Dave Douglas Passing Through Strange Liberation
20:39 Johnny Cash Belshazzar The Complete Sun Singles, Vol. 2
20:38 Half Japanese No More Beatlemania Greatest Hits
20:30 etre We Do Boring Things Together (For Philippe Sollers) Inferno From My Occult Diary
20:20 Albert Ayler Thank God For Women Holy Ghost CD 6
20:15 Max Roach Tenderly The Best Of Max Roach And Clifford Brown In Concert!
20:12 Phoenecia Odd Job Odd Job Discrimination EP
20:07 Sexteto Tabala Agua Colombia: The Kings Of Son Palenquero
20:00 A Certain Ratio Sounds Like Something Dirty Early
20:00 Karlheinz Stockhausen Struktur XIII E Elektronische Musik
19:57 Elastica 2:1 Elastica
19:53 Throbbing Gristle Beachy Head 20 Jazz Funk Greats
19:51 Sonic Youth White Cross Hold That Tiger
19:47 Dead Boys Calling On You All This And More (Disc Two)
19:42 Philus Ionit Kolmio EP
19:23 Loren MazzaCane Connors Still Going... In Bern
19:16 Pan American Remapping Pan American
19:11 Svein Finnerud Trio B The Complete Released Works 1968-1999
19:05 SCSI-9 03. Eclair de Lune THE LINE OF NINE
18:57 Gavin Russom Night Sky (Mutant Beat Dance Remix) Night Sky
18:48 CoH + Cosey Fanni Tutti Sin-King CoH plays Cosey
18:46 Invisibl Skratch Piklz Whaddyawant The Shiggar Fraggar Show! Vol. 4
18:43 Anthony De Mare The Tale John Cage And Meredith Monk: Piano And Voices
18:38 Bodo Elsel Playhouse, Discount Baby (Reinhard Voigt Mix) Discount Baby
18:32 Bug Orchestra You Like This Machine Electro Shop
18:30 Al Kealoha Perry Liliu E-Kai A' O Mamala-Ula Decca 25037-B 78rpm
18:27 Marvin Gaye What's Happening Brother What's Going On (Deluxe Edition) [Disc 1]
18:24 Prefuse 73 Living Life Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives
18:14 Christian Marclay His Master's Voice [Excerpt] Records 1981-1989
18:13 Boyracer Temper (Version) To Get A Better Hold...
18:12 Plunderphonics Sonic Euthenasia 69PLUNDERPHONICS96
18:05 Cal Tjader Bye Bye Blues Gozame Pero Ya
18:02 Epy Squelch Schall Und Rauch
17:56 Foday Musa Suso Futula Mussoli The Dreamtime
17:49 Matmos Latex Quasi-Objects
17:46 Benny Goodman Undercurrent Blues Benny Goodman The Instrumental Hits (Disc 1)
17:37 Dizzy Gillespie Body And Soul Musician, Composer, Racounteur
17:35 Floyd Cramer San Antonio Rose CD- Country Classics Vol 2
17:28 Phenomyna Earth Fall Past Movements CD1 - Rare Classics
17:18 Charles Mingus Pithecanthropus Erectus Thirteen Pictures-2
17:15 Johnny Cash Cocaine Blues (Live) Essential 1955-1983
17:10 Laurindo Almeida Concerto A Brasileira (No. 4) (1967) For Guitar And Strings, Lento First Concerto For Guitar And Orchestra
17:09 Akira Rabelais Aphorisming, Third Eisotrophobia
17:01 Rod Modell Harmonics Of Ether Flow.ers (Sutemos008)
16:58 Bobby King Let Me Come On Home The Sound Stage 7 Story
16:53 Thomas Brinkmann 0111 Klick
16:51 Django Reinhardt Them There Eyes Quintette Du Hot Club De France
16:49 Bobby Previte Awakening In The Early Morning The 23 Constellations Of Joan Miró
16:45 Kraus Let Me Eat Cake Dirt Beneath The Daydream
16:40 Thomas Köner Zyklop Zyklop
16:35 Stanton Moore Nobody's Blues All Kooked Out!
16:33 Pixies Bird Dream Of The Olympus Mons Trompe Le Monde
16:25 Oumou Sangare Saa Magni Oumou
16:22 Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble The Regenerative Landscape (for AMM) Toward The Margins
16:18 Freddy Fender Wasted Days & Wasted Nights Country Stars Vol.2
16:16 Bible Launcher Untamed Humanity Bible Launcher
16:10 Debi Makhsoospuri Rehmtan Naeen Putran De Naal Dian Akhian
16:05 Vladislav Delay Loumo Sistol
16:03 Alex Lifeson Villians Gene Rodenberry's Andromeda - Original Soundtrack
16:00 Wayne Benson Red Tommy An Instrumental Anthology
15:57 Pan American Raised walk The River Made No Sound
15:54 Orchestre Poly-Rythmo Holonon Cotonou Club
15:50 Jeanette Callate Nina Todas sus grabaciones en Hispavox (1967- 1976)
15:48 Dave Brubeck They Say It's Wonderful Plays And Plays And Plays
15:39 Mukta Iris Jade
15:35 Bill Frisell Poem for Eva Good Dog, Happy Man
15:32 Enoch & Christy Mensah Dakuku Dum London Is The Place For Me 4: African Dreams And The Piccadilly High Life
15:25 Stereolab Long Life Love Captain Easychord
15:20 David Holland Quartet Conference Of The Birds Conference Of The Birds
15:18 Mogwai A Cheery Wave From Stranded Youngsters Young Team
15:15 Beres Hammond Live On (feat Marcia Griffiths) The Ultimate Collection: Can't Stop A Man
15:13 Karlheinz Stockhausen Struktur XIII A Elektronische Musik
15:06 Prism Quartet Hart's Beat Real Standard Time
15:00 Ken Nordine Truth Mute Word Jazz: A Transparent Mask
14:57 Brian Eno & Jon Hassell Delta Rain Dream A Brief History Of Ambient Volume 1 (Disc 2)
14:52 Miles Davis The Meaning Of The Blues/Lamen Miles Davis At Carnegie Hall
14:49 Django Reinhardt Black And White Chronological
14:46 Miguelito Valdes Negra Leono Inolvidables
14:44 Harry Partch Act II Scene 2 The Harry Partch Collection - Vol. 1
14:40 Wendy Carlos Yusae - Aisae Beauty In The Beast
14:37 Halelujah Chicken Run Band Mukadzi Wangu Ndomuda Take One (1974-1979)
14:29 Mahmoud Ahmed Ambassel Ethiopiques Volume 6: Almaz
14:22 Alva Noto Xerrox Soma Xerrox Vol.2
14:17 Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafter Made Of Wood Reckless Burning
14:14 Cab Calloway Harlem Hospitality The Early Years, 1930-1934
14:11 Louis Prima Sugar Is Sweet And So Are You Louis Prima Volume 1
14:06 Red House Painters Take Me Out Red House Painters [I]
14:06 Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn [Untitled Hidden Track 4] Songs From The Black Mountain Music Project
14:01 !!! Hammerhead !!!
13:57 DJ Shadow The Number song Endtroducing
13:53 Clark Seaweed Growls Garden
13:50 Richard Hell Can't Keep My Eyes On You Time (Disc 1)
13:47 Bruce Haack / Esther Nelson OK Robot Listen Compute Rock Home: The Best Of Dimension 5
13:44 Udi Hrant Kenkulian Saba Taksim The Early Recordings Vol. 1
13:37 Thelonious Monk I Mean You (Take 1 - Alternate) The Complete Riverside Recordings (Disc 6)
13:28 Marcus Belgrave Space Odyssey Message From The Tribe
13:24 Mars 11,000 Volts 78
13:23 John Baker 1980s Tape FX The John Baker Tapes Volume 2: Soundtracks, Library, Home Recordings, Electro Ads 1954 - 1985
13:09 Solisti Di Praga Sextetto, Op.48: Allegro Moderato Antonin Dvorak: Serenada For Strings And Sextet
13:02 Matthew Shipp Cohesion Equilibrium
13:00 Monaural Light Module Monitor Interference
12:55 Arthur Russell Home Away From Home Another Thought
12:49 Marlon Simon And The Nagual Spirits Easy Mood Rumba A La Patato
12:42 Telstar Ponies Song Of Ansuz Voices From The New Music
12:40 Anatol Stefanet Hora Batrineasca Moldavia: The Art Of Bratsch (Viola)
12:34 Caetano Veloso Avarandado Ao Vivo Em Buenos Aires
12:29 Senor Coconut Y Su Conjunto Tour De France (Merengue) El Baile Aleman
12:27 Jorge Ben E So Sambar Samba Esquema Novo
12:20 Bola Magnasushi Fyuti
12:16 Herbert I Know Bodily Functions
12:13 Pixies The Sad Punk Trompe Le Monde
12:11 Various Artists - Star Trek Series "Fever" From His Way - Nana Visitor The Best Of Star Trek Volume 2
12:04 Sven Ake Johansson Etwas Entfernt Vom Mikrofon Schlingerland
11:57 Haroon Bacha Speena Kontara Listen to the Banned
11:54 The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Back Slider Extra Width
11:49 Gregory Corso Ode To Coit Tower Howls, Raps And Roars
11:46 Gilberto Gil Eu Te Dei Meu Ane O Sol De Oslo
11:45 Compagnie Nonna Sima - Silvia Malagugini De La Crudel Morte Del Cristo Folk And Sacred Songs
11:42 Plunderphonics Vane 69PLUNDERPHONICS96
11:37 Ahmed Abdul-Malik Suffering Jazz Sounds Of Africa
11:33 Matinas Para Quinta-Feira Santa Terceiro Responsorio Emerico Lobo De Mesquita
11:29 Setona Rera Tariq Sudan
11:23 Mike Jackson And The Soul Providers Angry Mob The Revenge Of Mister Mopoji
11:20 Mark Spybey Jelly Lord De Klaverland Klompen Voetbal Club
11:15 Art Blakey Six And Four The Big Beat
11:05 Alva Noto Uoon Ii Vrioon
10:56 Thelonious Monk Let's Call This Thelonious Monk Quartet Plus Two At The Blackhawk
10:52 Kinito Méndez La Pegué El Hombre Merengue
10:47 Clark Terry I Get A Kick Out Of You Swahili
10:45 Loren MazzaCane Connors Untitled (Moonyean 11) Moonyean
10:39 Thelonious Monk Caravan Plays Duke Ellington
10:36 Bugskull Choosegase Phantasies & Senseitions
10:32 Morphosis Gate of Night What Have We Learned
10:27 Alva Noto Track 8 Prototypes
10:24 Django Reinhardt I Got Rythm Django With His American Friends
10:21 Lil Johnson Get 'Em From The Peanut Man (The New Hot Nuts) Raunchy Business - Hot Nuts & Lollypops
10:17 Telex 07-rock Around The Clock Looking For Saint Tropez
10:14 Sonic Boom Indian Summer What Came Before After
10:11 Chico O'Farrill Rumbonsito Cuban Blues Disc 2
10:07 Joy Division Colony The Second Peel Sessions
10:03 Elvin Jones Convict 13 Bill Frisell With Dave Holland And Elvin Jones
9:59 Stan Getz Only Trust Your Heart Girl From Ipanema_Bossa Nova Years Cd 3
9:46 Pharoah Sanders Balance Izipho Zam
9:42 Spanky Zen Is So Zen The Nature Boy EP / The Cement Shoe EP
9:35 Ivan Boogaloo Joe Jones What It Is Legends Of Acid Jazz Volume 2
9:27 Ornette Coleman Macho Woman Body Meta
9:21 Mark Dresser Pulse Field Aquifer
9:17 Tara Nevins John Henry Mule To Ride
9:11 Robert Aitken Noesis Electronic Music
9:01 we dyed camel skins as is
8:56 Riss Undertaker 2 Kreisel 99/2
8:54 Galaxie 500 Walking Song Uncollected
8:51 Scott Colley Voice Of Thought Portable Universe
8:46 Art Blakey Jodie's Cha-Cha The Big Beat
8:44 Alexander Robotnick i remember camchaka Rare Robotnicks
8:41 Link Wray And The Raymen Ace Of Spades Mr. Guitar, Disc 2
8:34 José Mangual Sr. Mai Kinshasa Buyú
8:31 Les Baxter Dark River The Colors Of Brazil/African Blue
8:27 Clusone 3 El Condor Pasa Rara Avis
8:24 Cal Tjader Cha Several Shades Of Jade/Breeze From The East
8:15 The Velvet Underground The Gift Peel Slowly And See - Disc 3
8:08 Reade Truth Let's Go To Heaven WET1010
8:05 Hossam Ramzy Abu El Khamsa Rhythms Of The Nile 1
8:02 Francis Craig Orch Mighty Lak' A Rose Columbia 495-D 78rpm
8:00 Buddy Holly You've Got Love Chirping Crickets
7:54 Bernard Purdie Everybody's Talkin' Legends Of Acid Jazz: Bernard Purdie
7:45 Mark McGuire The Path Lined With Colorful Stones A Young Persons Guide
7:03 Henry Flynt Purified By The Fire Purified By The Fire
7:02 Kelabit Musicians And Singers Sepuk Noge Keupulu - Benuag Borneo: Music Of The Dayak And Of The Punan
6:58 Prolapse Deanshanger The Italian Flag
6:53 Paperclip People Paperclip Man The Secret Tapes of Dr. Eich
6:51 Funkadelic Stuffs And Things Music For Your Mother (Disc 2
6:44 Cabaret Voltaire Red Mask Red Mecca
6:41 Cordel Do Fogo Encantado Profecia (ou Testamento Da Ira) Cordel Do Fogo Encantado
6:35 Drexciya Wavejumper Aquatic Invasion
6:33 Nilsen BJ Untitled Vikinga Brennivin
6:30 Bingo Gazingo Up Your Jurassic Park Bingo Gazingo, Disk 1
6:23 Baby Ford Toman Headphoneasy Rider
6:05 The Velvet Underground All Tomorrow's Parties Demo Peel Slowly And See Disc 1
6:04 Markus James Lets Go (instr.) Timbuktoubab
5:59 the black dog Squelch The Book Of Dogma
5:45 Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto Uoon I Vrioon
5:39 mr. velcro fastener blue screens lucky bastards living up north
5:35 Joe Guy Nice Work If You Can Get It JG48: Monk & Powell / Nice Work If You Can Get It
5:31 Grant Green Daddy Grapes His Majesty, King Funk / Up With Donald Byrd
5:21 Teye De Suenos Viva El Flamenco
5:09 Paul Bley Three Fifth Hands On
5:03 Ø Aaltovaihe Aste
5:01 Bud Shank The Color Of Her Hair Brazilliance Vol. 2
4:57 Jowandi Ngapa Wula Australia: The Dreaming
4:54 William Fairey Band Let's Get Brutal Acid Brass
4:50 Marvin Gaye Flyin' High (In The Friendly Sky) What's Going On (Deluxe Edition) [Disc 1]
4:47 Thurston Moore Blues From Beyond the Grave Psychic Hearts
4:45 Marc Moulin Humpty Dumpy Placebo Sessions
4:42 Helium All The X's Have Wings The Dirt Of Luck
4:39 Brigitte Fontaine L'Eternel Retour (Bonus Track) Brigitte Fontaine
4:35 Don Edwards Throw Back A Prairie Portrait
4:30 Perspects 13 Peopleskills
4:20 The Velvet Underground Some Kinda Love (live) PEEL SLOWLY AND SEE (Disc 5)
4:17 Fourth Way The Far Side Of Your Mind_ A Heavy Dose Of Lyte Psych
4:11 cylob german previously unreleased on compa
3:59 Wendy Carlos Just Imaginings Beauty In The Beast
3:52 Fingers Inc. Mystery of Love Classic Fingers
3:50 Tony Orlando My Baby's A Stranger Collectables: Bless You + 17 Other Great Hits
3:44 Junket Everclear S.f. Claremont Hi
3:43 The Prisoner What's The Name Of This Place? The Prisoner [File #1]
3:38 Duo Peylet-Cuniot Chassidic Dance For The Love Of Niguns
3:33 Mint Phonogam Kreisel 99/22
3:30 Halelujah Chicken Run Band Murembo Take One (1974-1979)
3:26 Prism Quartet Her August Touch Real Standard Time
3:20 radio boy A machine drilling for oil A machine drilling for oil
3:17 Merzbow Music Concret Merzbox.3-Remblandt Assemblage
3:15 The Blasters Buzz Buzz Buzz American Music
3:13 Dave Curtiss & The Tremors Summertime Blues The Beat Merchants
3:09 Cubans Don't Go Baby Golden Era Of Flash
3:03 Alejandro Escovedo Sometimes With These Hands
2:49 Eric Dolphy Hi Fly Eric Dolphy In Europe Volume 1
2:46 Blectum From Blechdom Detrecht Warping The Messy Jesse Fiesta
2:43 King Bennie Nawahi Dinah - Red Devils Hawaiian String Virtuoso
2:39 Labradford Balanced on Its Own Flame A Stable Reference
2:36 Duke Ellington What Can A Poor Fellow Do The Okeh Ellington, Vol. I
2:29 Roky Erickson Two-Headed Dog Live At The Rite 1987
2:20 Madala Kunene Gumbela King Of The Zulu Guitar Live Volume 1
1:59 Ali Akbar Khan Raag Shree Raag Shree
1:58 Various Artists - Star Trek Series Brass Monkeys Volume 3: Shore Leave/The Naked Time
1:56 Bill Frisell Billy the Kid: Billy in Prison Have a Little Faith
1:52 Abdul Hussein Khan Shahnazi Mofhalef Segah Open Strings: 1920s Middle Eastern Recordings
1:47 Phoenecia Grrl Trrbl Brownout
1:43 Papucho Y Su Grupo Wao Mujeres Golpeonas Frío Caliente
1:40 Don Edwards Commutin' A Prairie Portrait
1:38 Kenny & The Kasuals Journey To Tyme Nuggets, Disc Two
1:35 The Original Five Blind Boys Of Alabama This May Be The Last Time The Sermon
1:32 Buster Bailey Light Up Reefer Songs
1:30 Jimi Hendrix Cat Talking To Me Mixdown Master Tapes Vol 2
1:14 Isaac Hayes Joy Joy
1:09 Mr. Peter's Boom & Chime Run Mr. Peters Run Haul Up Your Foot You Fool
1:06 Solvent Flexidisc Snow Robots Volume 1
0:57 Steve Turre Morning Rhythm Within
0:53 Funkadelic Undisco Kid Music For Your Mother (Disc 2
0:48 Low Condescend Songs For A Dead Pilot
0:41 Coil The Original Wild Garlic Memory Stolen and Contaminated Songs
0:38 Rev. Gary Davis The Boy Was Kissing The Girl (And Playing The Guitar At The Same Time) The Guitar And Banjo Of Reverend Gary Davis
0:26 MFSB Love Is The Message Tom Moulton-A Tom Moulton Mix
0:24 Church Brothers No One To Love Me Early Days Of Bluegrass Vol 08
0:23 The Group For Contemporary Music Bacchanal Music Of Wolpe And Schoenberg
0:13 Alan Shorter Rapids Orgasm
0:11 Concept 1 00:05 Concept 1 96:Cd
0:05 Jimmy Smith Mode Damn!

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