April 22, 2015

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23:59 Hervé Boghossian Insolation Sonore Mouvements
23:54 Marlui Miranda Canto Final IHU 2 Kewere: Rezar-Prayer
23:50 Brian Eno Dover Beach Instrumental 1
23:47 Colin McPhee Rebong The Roots Of Gamelan - The First Recordings: Bali, 1928 • New York, 1941
23:44 Ella Fitzgerald And Andre Previn Let's Call The Whole Thing Off Nice Work If You Can Get It
23:40 Chicago Underground Duo The Big Bang Theory 12° Of Freedom
23:39 John Baker Many a slip The John Baker Tapes vol.1: BBC Radiophonics 1963-74
23:29 The Vandermark 5 Wind Out Acoustic Machine
23:26 The Sugarcubes I Want... Life's Too Good
23:22 Leroy Jenkins Um Cha Chi Chum Solo
23:20 Mark McGuire Explosion Alarm A Young Persons Guide
23:16 Beres Hammond They Gonna Talk The Ultimate Collection: Can't Stop A Man
23:06 Chick Corea & return to foreve 500 Miles High alternative tak Light as a Feather (Disk 2)
23:00 Joy Division Autosugesstion Heart and soul (disc 1)
22:56 Gilberto Gil Eu Te Dei Meu Ane O Sol De Oslo
22:54 Funkadelic Stuffs And Things Music For Your Mother (Disc 2
22:51 Clark Seaweed Growls Garden
22:29 Sun Ra Atlantis Atlantis
22:24 George Russell Pan-Daddy The Stratus Seekers
22:22 Herb Jeffries Bayou Jamaica
22:18 The Conet Project Tcp D1 5 5 Dashes Irdial The Conet Project
22:12 Mcoy Tyner Trio With Symphony What The World Needs Now Is L What The World Needs Now
22:05 Perrey-Kingsley E.V.A. (REMIX) The Out Sound From Way In
22:01 Roky Erickson Don't Shake Me Lucifer Live At The Rite 1987
21:56 Popnoname Hafen Pop Ambient 2007
21:53 Various Artists - Godzilla Godzilla vs. Spacegodzilla - Prologue/Main Title The Best Of Godzilla 1984-1995
21:49 Biosphere Nook & Cranny Cirque
21:47 Big John & The Buzzards Your Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash The OKeh Rhythm & Blues Story
21:38 A Silver Mount Zion Broken Chords Can Sing A Little He Has Left Us Alone But Shafts Of Light Sometimes Grace The Corners Of Our Rooms
21:33 Bug Orchestra V C D O Electro Shop
21:28 The Residents Mickey The Mumbling Midget Freak Show
21:25 Les Baxter Azure Sands The Colors Of Brazil/African Blue
21:23 Roger Eno Voices A Brief History Of Ambient Volume 1 (Disc 2)
21:20 Dave Pike Bronx Blue Peligroso
21:18 Roy Hall Rockin' The Blues Rip It Up
21:10 Ifeanyi Ordor A Little Smile Back To Highlife
21:05 Yellow Magic Orchestra Neue Tanz Technodelic
20:54 David Demnitz Pendulum Gamelan As A Second Language
20:51 New York Dolls It's Too Late Endless Party
20:48 Benny Goodman Dinah Runnin' Wild
20:47 Tom Glazer What Makes The Weather? Weather Songs
20:39 Sonny Simmons A Distant Voice Staying On The Watch
20:33 Neuropolitique Artemis (Mayday Mix) The Philosophy Of Sound And Machine
20:31 West African Rhythm Brothers Oma Laso London Is The Place For Me 3: Ambrose Adekoya Campbell
20:26 Charles Mingus Cryin' Blues passions of a man
20:23 The Raymond Scott Quintette Swing, Swing Mother-in-Law Microphone Music
20:20 Cromagnon Genitalia Orgasm
20:19 Harry Partch 23 A Quarter-Saw Section Of Motivations And Intonations 6 Enclosure 2 (Disc 2)
20:16 Ananda Shankar Jumpin' Jack Flash Ananda Shankar
20:15 Tom Dissevelt, Kid Baltan Melody With Electronic Bell Sounds (Sound Material For "Drifting") Popular Electronics: Early Dutch Electronic Music From Phillips Research Laboratories 1956-1963
20:10 Evan Parker Synergetics No. 11 Synergetics - Phonomanie III (Disc 2)
20:08 Bosavi Ulahi And Eyobo Sing With Afternoon Cicados Rainforest Music From Papua New Guinea
20:05 Monaural Working Title Monitor Interference
20:02 Amherst Saxophone Quartet Menutto, Feroce Lament On The Death Of Music
20:00 Piano A Room Cage: Works For Prepared Piano (Disc 1)
19:56 Tronikhouse Smooth Groove Faces & Phases (Disc 2)
19:50 New Order State Of The Nation Substance 1987 (Disc 1)
19:46 The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Wait A Minute Xtra-ACME USA
19:41 The Exciting Trio Scannurz In Chicago There Is Willy
19:33 Compass Messinger (edit) Cabinet Classics & Unreleased
19:29 The Styrenes Back In Hell It's Still Artastic
19:26 Gert Wilden & Orchestra Green Spider Theme I Told You Not To Cry
19:21 Kenji Endo You're Always With Me Anthology Of Japanese New Folk 1960-1976
19:18 Hank Williams Rootie Tootie The Complete Hank Williams
19:16 Buddy Holly Well All Right The Memorial Album
19:16 Bass Mekanik Sine Waves Download
19:12 Bill Van Loo sketch for Rob Theakson 5 sketches for thinkbox
19:05 Marcus Mixx Psychohouse MissingDog 12"
19:04 Drivan Hårt i ögat Disko
18:58 Mr. Lee Pump That Body Dj Deep Presents City To City - Part 2 (Disc 2)
18:51 The Marion Brown Quartet Why Not? Why Not?
18:49 Throbbing Gristle Six Six Sixties 20 Jazz Funk Greats
18:46 Henry Hall Making Conversation This Is Henry Hall
18:42 Bert Kaempfert Wonderland By Night CD- The Very Best Of...
18:40 Ella Fitzgerald Billy (I Always Dream Of Billy) JG05: Ella Fitzgerald / Sing Me A Swing Song
18:39 Invisibl Skratch Piklz Hip Hop Slam Intro (DJ Killahoe & DJ Cue) The Shiggar Fraggar Show!
18:36 Bob Marley & the Wailers Natural Mystic Exodus
18:27 St. Germain So Flute Tourist
18:23 Gary Numan 11 - Remember I Was Vapour Living Ornaments (Wembley Fina
18:22 The Conet Project Tcp D3 19 Achtung Irdial The Conet Project
18:06 Fela Ransome-Kuti and Africa '70 Roforofo Fight Music Is The Weapon Of The Future
18:02 Roger Eno Heavenly Sarum Music Of Neglected English Composers
17:59 West African Rhythm Brothers Calabar-O London Is The Place For Me 3: Ambrose Adekoya Campbell
17:59 Stephan Mathieu Andi Frequency Lib
17:52 Telstar Ponies The Fall Of Little Summer Voices From The New Music
17:46 Pharoah Sanders Colors Karma
17:42 Daktaris Quiet Man Is Dead Man Soul Explosion
17:34 Massive Attack Protection Protection
17:23 Juju Make Your Own Revolution Now A Message From Mozambique
17:18 Sonny Criss Somewhere My Love The Beat Goes On!
17:15 Sun Ra Rocket #9 The Singles
17:07 Matthew Shipp Chi Matthew Shipp's New Orbit
17:03 Choying Drolma Vakritunda Selwa
17:00 Mary Lou Williams Dirge Blues Black Christ Of The Andes
16:53 Cecil Taylor Luyah! The Glorious Step Looking Ahead!
16:50 Cal Tjader Guajira En Azul Ultimate Cal Tjader
16:43 jan jelinek moire (piano & organ) loop-finding-jazz-records
16:40 Cilla Black Baby It's You Cilla
16:36 Konk Konk Party The Sound Of Konk
16:33 Skip James Dry Spell Blues Part 1 Legends Of Country Blues: The Complete Pre-War Recordings Of Skip James (Disc A)
16:28 Farley Funkin' Keith Should I Need You No Vocals Neccesary
16:21 Biosphere / Higher Intelligence Agency Countdown To Darkness Polar Sequences
16:13 Diblo Dibala Super K Super Soukous
16:10 Charlie Waller And The Country Gentlemen Traveling Kind 45 Years Of Memories
15:53 Robert Rutman Three Bow Chimes 1936
15:47 James Taylor Quartet Isabella Boogaloo Message From The Godfather
15:45 The Blasters Buzz Buzz Buzz American Music
15:35 Kraftwerk Trans Europa Express Hyper Cerebral Machine
15:32 Yma Sumak Bo Mambo Mambo!
15:30 family fodder darling savior fare: the best of fami
15:27 Memphis Willie B. Bad Girl Blues Introducing Memphis Willie B.
15:24 Isotope 217 Kryptonite Smokes The Red Line The Unstable Molecule
15:19 Charles Mingus Orange Was The Color Of Her Dress, Then Blue Silk Mingus Plays Piano
15:16 Ada Jones Row Row Row From 78rpm: Victor 17205
15:12 Maxwell St. Klezmer Band Ach! Odessa You Should Be So Lucky!
15:09 L. R. Eswari Aatchi Purikindral Aatchi Purikindral
14:54 Fela Kuti Ikoyi blindness King of Afrobeat - The Anthology
14:53 Jandek Long Way Blue Corpse (1987) Corwood 0753
14:45 Malik Mansurov Shur Azerbaidjan: The Tar Of Malik Mansurov
14:37 Sonic Liberation Front Init Ashe A Go-go
14:37 Brian Hodgson Dalek Control Room [the Daleks] Doctor Who: At the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Vol. 1: The Early Years 1963-1969
14:34 Django Reinhardt China Boy Chronological
14:27 Funkadelic Wake Up America Eats Its Young
14:17 Simon Nabatov Trio Industrial Strength Sneak Preview
14:14 Asnaqetch Wergu Aiemye The Lady With The Krar
14:07 Eddie Gale A Walk With Thee Ghetto Music (proper Listing)
14:04 Lunceford I'm Nuts About Screwy Music For Dancer's Only
13:57 Alexander Von Schlippenbach Trio Pakstani Alternate # 3 Pakistani Pomade
13:54 Duke Ellington And His Famous Orchestra Carnegie Blues A Date With The Duke
13:52 Tito Puente El Cayuco Hoy Y Ayer
13:40 Moscow Composers Orchestra Let Peremsky Dream Let Peremsky Dream
13:36 Li Wen Tai Eat An Anthology Of Chinese Experimental Music 1992-2008
13:30 Hugh Masekela Khawuleza Black To The Future
13:28 Marvin Gaye Just Like A Man The Master-1
13:13 Fela Kuti Teacher don't teach me nonsense (part 2) King of Afrobeat - The Anthology
13:08 Gabor Csupo Cluster Bimbo Liquid Fire (Disc 2)
13:03 Charles Mingus Hora Decubitus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus
13:01 The Deuce Coupes Smooth Stick Hotrodder's Choice
12:58 Thurston Moore Patti Smith Math Scratch Psychic Hearts
12:54 King Bennie Nawahi Guitar Rhythm - Geogia Jumpers Hawaiian String Virtuoso
12:51 Bill Frisell Poem for Eva Good Dog, Happy Man
12:47 Torsten Profrock No. 5 (delayed) Decay Product
12:43 Brian Eno Approaching Taidu Instrumental 1
12:40 Sam Cooke One More River Sam Cooke With The Soul Stirrers
12:38 Loren MazzaCane Connors Once You Touched Me Evangeline
12:35 Hypnotic Brass Ensemble War Hypnotic Brass Ensemble
12:31 Khac Chi Ensemble Forest Love Moonlight In Vietnam
12:28 John Baker Tros y gareg (main theme) The John Baker Tapes vol.1: BBC Radiophonics 1963-74
12:24 Raymond Scott untitled tracks from aquackanack
12:21 Caetano Veloso Dada Tropicália 2
12:17 Kangding Ray Mai Kangding Ray
12:12 Hartmut Geerken Panjebo-Ta The African Tapes
12:09 Mike & Rich Upright Kangaroo Expert Knob Twiddlers
12:09 the User Track 2 symphony #1 for dot matrix printers
12:08 People Of The Highlands Of Chiapas, Mexico Carnival - Chalchihuitan (Tzotzil) Bats'i Son
12:02 Foday Musa Suso Fulada The Dreamtime
11:59 Jatoma Alang Beach Jatoma
11:49 carl craig spacetime continuum - kairo (carl craig mix #2) designer music: the remixes volume one
11:46 Charlie Parker Why Do I Love You? South Of The Border: The Verve Latin-Jazz Sides
11:40 Airto Moreira Mirror Of The Past The Other Side Of This
11:33 Nils Petter Molvær Ligotage Solid Ether
11:26 Art Pepper Las Cuevas De Mario Smack Up
11:20 Homo Liber Postlude Golden Years Of The Soviet New Jazz Volume 3
11:17 MC5 Shakin' Street Teen Age Lust
11:13 Björk Aeroplane Debut
11:11 Cordel Do Fogo Encantado Os Oim Do Meu Amor Cordel Do Fogo Encantado
11:00 Windy & Carl Glowing/Colorful Portal
10:53 The Microscopic Sextet Chinese Twilight Zone (Phillip Johnston) Take The Z Train
10:29 DJ Shadow Megamix by DJ Q-Bert Camel Bobsled Race Preemptive Strike Bonus CD
10:27 Mongo Santamaria Pachanga Pa Ti Sabroso
10:20 Modern Jazz Quartet The Watergate Blues The Best Of The Modern Jazz Quartet
10:19 Harold Budd Momentary Architecture Translucence
10:14 His Name Is Alive Our Last Affair Someday My Blues Will Cover The Earth
10:10 Funkadelic I Miss My Baby Music For Your Mother (Dsc 1
10:02 Arthur Russell Go Bang The World Of Arthur Russell
10:00 Pizzicato Five Cornflakes Sister Freedom Tapes
9:56 The Velvet Underground Sweet Jane (full length versio PEEL SLOWLY AND SEE (Disc 5)
9:53 Kinks Little Miss Queen Of Darkness Face To Face (remaster)
9:45 Electronicat Wawawa ElectroniCAT
9:37 Charles Mingus Percussion Discussion Mingus At The Bohemia
9:34 Cab Calloway What's Buzzin Cousin Are You Hep To The Jive?
9:31 The Raymond Scott Quintette Egyptian Barn Dance Microphone Music
9:29 Perrey and Kingsley The Little Man From Mars The Essential Perrey and Kingsley
9:21 Various Artists Gamelan Salunding, Tenganan (Gending Sakar Gadung) Bali - Gamelan & Kecak
9:16 Jorge Ben Cavaleiro Do Cavalo Imaculado África Brasil
9:14 Air Bathroom Girl Virgin Suicides
9:09 EMMYLOU HARRIS - Red Dirt Girl AudioTrack 10 No Title
9:08 Albert Ayler Interview With Kiyoshi Koyama Swing Journal, July 25, 1970 (XX) Early Professional Career Holy Ghost CD 9
9:03 Jorge Ben Charles, Anjo 45 Jorge Ben, 1969
8:59 Remy Couvez Reverie Propos Insolites
8:57 Brian Eno There Is Nobody Instrumental 1
8:55 The Blasters Real Rock Drive American Music
8:47 Charlie Haden Quartet West Hermitage Charlie Haden Quartet West
8:40 Jali Nyama Suso Korina Julo Kora Music From Gambia
8:35 Art Pepper I Surrender, Dear The Art Peppet Quartet
8:33 Boyracer Tell Me Where My Hands Should Go To Get A Better Hold...
8:28 AnD Brother From Another Mother (Tom Dicicco Late Night Dub) Algorythmic Love EP
8:25 Ray McKinley Orchestra The Lonesomest Whistle You Came A Long Way From St. Louis
8:20 Casino Vs. Japan Blue Vacation Self Titled
8:20 The Conet Project Tcp D4 40 M3 Irdial The Conet Project
8:14 Boulou & Elios Ferré Here, There And Everywhere Pour Django
8:09 Jeff Mills Infinite Effect One Man Spaceship
8:03 Gay Marvine Emerald City Bath House Etiquette 2
7:58 Burger Flesh & Bleed Las Vegas
7:53 Bill Frisell N. O. M. B. Just So Happens
7:51 Yo La Tengo Center Of Gravity I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One
7:48 Marais The Birds Have A Language Nature Songs
7:43 Can Nineteen Century Man Delay 1968
7:40 Faces Miss Judy's Farm Best Of Faces- Good Boys...when They're Asleep
7:30 Traxx Enka Faith
7:27 New Klezmer Trio Fourth Floor Melt Zonk Rewire
7:15 Isaac Hayes Walk On By Hot Buttered Soul
7:10 Grant Green That Lucky Old Sun (Just Rolls Around Heaven All Day) His Majesty, King Funk / Up With Donald Byrd
7:07 Charlie Mauu & His Coconut Uke Kiri Kiri Tamure Tahiti
7:03 Spiritualized I Want You Fucked Up Inside
6:59 Mauricio Kagel III. Rossignols enrhumés Solowerke fu?r Akkordeon und Klavier
6:54 Low Drag I Could Live In Hope
6:50 Roky Erickson Mad Dog Mad Dog
6:48 Paperclip People Welcome Center The Secret Tapes of Dr. Eich
6:42 Elvin Jones Strange Meeting Bill Frisell With Dave Holland And Elvin Jones
6:38 Deux Game & Performance The Minimal Wave Tapes Vol 1
6:36 Bosavi Funerary Sung-weeping Group Rainforest Music From Papua New Guinea
6:32 Destroyer Certain Things You Ought To Know Your Blues
6:29 Harry Partch Extracts From Bitter Music A Hobo Journal 27 Enclosure 2 (Disc 3)
6:27 Rufus Thomas Git On Up And Do It Did You Heard Me? / Crown Prince Of Dance
6:20 Pizzicato Five Icecream Meltin' Mellow (Marin Mix 1) Combinaison Spaciale EP
6:16 Frank Gallop The Ballad Of Irving Dr. Demento 20th Anniversary
6:13 Leadbelly Looky, Looky Yonder/Black Betty/Yellow Women's Doorbells Absolutely The Best
6:10 Sharon Jones You Better Thing Twice Spike's Choice: The Desco Funk 45' Collection
6:07 Beautiful Bells Felices Managing Depth
6:04 The Blasters She's Gone Away American Music
5:59 Jega Red Mullet Spectrum
5:54 Bill Frisell N. O. M. B. Just So Happens
5:50 The Moog Cookbook Whole Lotta Love Plays The Classic Rock Hits
5:48 Stereophonic Space Sounds Unlimited Wheelspin Spacesound Effect
5:47 Michuru Oshima To The G Countermeasure HQ Godzilla Vs. Megaguirus- Original Soundtrack
5:45 Teresa Rampazzi Musica endoscopica: Fibre ottiche Musica Endoscopica
5:39 AFX Pitcard Analord 07
5:31 Miles Davis Petits Machins Miles Davis Quintet 1965-68
5:25 Talking Heads Girlfriend Is Better Stop Making Sense
5:20 Kitbuilders Dark Angels Space Marines (AOP009)
5:14 Ken Vandermark Shadows Straight Lines
5:11 Polynesian Musicians Himene Ruau (Rapi Iti) Spirit Of Polynesia
5:08 Skip James Four O' Clock Blues Legends Of Country Blues: The Complete Pre-War Recordings Of Skip James (Disc A)
5:03 The Hadza Bushmen Of Tanzania Malimba & Chant The Hadza Bushmen Of Tanzania (Disc 1)
4:55 The Marion Brown Quartet Fortunato Why Not?
4:52 Virginia Eskin Dusty Rag Fluffy Ruffle Girls: Women in Ragtime
4:47 Ø Siimes Aste
4:41 Drexciya You Don't Know The Return Of Drexciya
4:34 Jabberjaw A Goat On Fire In The Garden Of Eden The Garden Of Eden
4:27 Wax Untitled (A) No. 20002
4:25 Coil The Last Rites of Spring Gold Is The Metal
4:16 Flying Saucer Attack And Goodbye Flying Saucer Attack
4:09 Sonny Criss The Beat Goes On The Beat Goes On!
3:54 William Basinski Particle Showers Shortwavemusic
3:53 Bugskull Opening Theme Phantasies & Senseitions
3:50 Air Le Voyage De Penelope Moon Safari
3:46 Clusone 3 El Condor Pasa Rara Avis
3:43 The Minibosses Gi Joe The Minibosses
3:40 GoGoGo Airheart A Book Of Dress Gogogo Airheart
3:36 As One Renaissance Celestial Soul
3:32 Charles Kynard Winter's Child The Legends of Acid Jazz - Charles Kynard
3:23 Johnny Blas Picadillo (A Lo Blas) Mambo 2000
3:18 Kangding Ray Status+Light Stabil
3:15 Dorsey Brothers Swingin' On Nothin' JG36: Dorsey Brothers / Oodles Of Noodles
3:10 Art Ensemble of Chicago A Jackson In Your House A Jackson In Your House / Message To Our Folks
3:06 Pearls Before Swine Another Time One Nation Underground
3:03 Vibrators Say Mama Demos And Rarities
2:52 Tambou Bo Kannal And WOFA Delmon The Encounter
2:47 Sainkho Namchylak Tri - O Sainkho With Pop Mechanics Golden Years Of The Soviet New Jazz Volume 3
2:28 Ash Ra Tempel Suche & Liebe Schwingungen-Seven Up
2:26 Pierre Bernard Kanake Racines
2:24 Roy Kay Trio One Heart Wanderin' Mind
2:20 Klan Epidemia Euforii Mrowisko + Gdzie Jest Cz³owiek
2:17 John Foxx Metal Beat Metamatic
2:08 Robert Babicz Volton Desert
2:04 Clifford Gibson Don't Put That Thing On Me Alabama Blues 1927-1931
1:49 The Vandermark 5 New York Is Full Of Lonely People Free Jazz Classics Volume 1
1:47 Woody Guthrie Hey Lolly Lolly Woody Guthrie: The Early Years
1:44 Joy Division From safety to where...? Heart and soul (disc 1)
1:42 Phong Nguyen Ensemble Doc Tau Trong (Drum Improvisation) Song Of The Banyan: Folk Music Of Vietnam
1:31 carl craig incognito - out of the storm (c's planet e special mix) designer music: the remixes volume one
1:27 Bob Dylan Maggie's Farm Essential Bob Dylan CD 1
1:11 ShivuTaralagatti Rafa Jhinjhoti - Vilambit Gat - Rupak Shivu Taralagatti
1:04 South Africa: Outerrnational Bongani's Theme Free At Last
1:00 Burial Archangel Untrue
0:53 Michael Nick Trio Celui Qui Venere Le Soleil N'a Pas Besoin De VSO Spacial Dis Tanz
0:50 Roy Orbison It's Over The All-Time Greatest Hits Of Roy Orbison - Volume 1 & 2
0:43 DNTEL Life Is Full Of Possibilities Life Is Full Of Possibilities
0:40 Gilberto Gil Refazenda The Definitve Gilberto Gil: Bossa Samba & Pop
0:37 Magnetic Fields, The A Chicken with Its Head Cut Off 69 Love Songs-1
0:35 Prefuse 73 13-Female Demands One Word Extinguisher
0:34 Neil Norman And His Cosmic Orchestra Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea Greatest Science Fiction Hits II
0:30 Thelonious Monk There's Danger In Your Eyes, Cherie - Take 2 Alone In San Francisco
0:22 Tribe Lesli Rebirth
0:20 Group For Contemporary Music Reflections On The Nature Of Water Music Of Jacob Druckman
0:15 Cecil Taylor African Violets Looking Ahead!
0:09 COH Vittorioso Caliando Strings
0:03 Sam-Ang Sam Ensemble Khek Saray Mohori: Khmer Music From Cambodia
0:01 Chants R&b I'm Your Witchdoctor Single (A Side)

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