April 16, 2015

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23:59 JS Bach Canones Diversi: Canon 4 A 2 A Musical Offering
23:56 Othar Turner & The Rising Star Fife And Drum Band Short'Nin' /Henduck Everybody Hollerin' Goat
23:53 Plunderphonics Dont 69PLUNDERPHONICS96
23:51 Jack Malmsten Satan Takes A Holiday Ultra-Lounge Vol. 3 - Space Capades
23:48 Don Cherry Mu Pt2 - II. Medley: Dollar Brand / Spontaneous Composing / Exert, Man On The Moon Mu - Parts 1 & 2
23:46 Bud Shank Sunset Baion Brazilliance Vol. 2
23:43 King Tubby Jah Love Rockers Dub Dub Gone Crazy: The Evolution Of Dub At King Tubby's 1975-1977
23:39 Sonic Youth Pipeline / Kill Time Hold That Tiger
23:36 The Residents Blue Rosebuds Duck Stab / Buster & Glen
23:31 Solvent Shifty Uncle Giggles Solvent
23:25 The Vaselines Lovecraft The Way Of The Vaselines
23:19 Harry Partch Ulysses At The Edge The Harry Partch Collection Volume 1
23:11 Artist Deloris Telescope - Heaven Goodbye Title
23:07 King Oliver Jet Black Blues JG20: King Oliver / Snag It
23:05 Duke Ellington Diga Diga Doo The Okeh Ellington, Vol. I
22:58 Gas Nach 1912 Pop Ambient 2007
22:56 Kelabit Musicians And Singers Tari Belian Duku Belian Sentiu - Benuaq Borneo: Music Of The Dayak And Of The Punan
22:56 Asteroid #4 Sometimes I Roll My Eyes.... What A Sorry Way To Go 7"
22:49 Jump To Addis Bati Europe Meets Ethiopia
22:31 Phil Ranelin He The One We All Knew Vibes From The Tribe
22:19 Jeff Mills Eve / Crab Nebula Sleeper Wakes
22:15 Kongar-ol Ondar Kargyraa Moan Genghis Blues
22:12 Jacob Do Bandolim Ciumento Original Classic Recordings (Volume 1)
22:09 Julie London Go Slow UL Leopard Sampler
22:07 Link Wray & The Wraymen Hand Clapper Walkin' With Link
21:54 Marion Brown Sunshine Road Live In Japan
21:50 le car eightpointfive auto-biography
21:47 Michael Jackson Girlfriend Off The Wall W/Bonus Tracks
21:45 Davey Graham Renaissance Piece The Complete Guitarist
21:43 Halibuts Madcap Life On The Bottom
21:38 Rufus Thomas I Wanna Sang Did You Heard Me? / Crown Prince Of Dance
21:37 Batacuda Fantastica Reco-Reco No 2 (Bossa Nova) Os Ritmistas Brasileiros
21:26 Steve Roach Three Reptiles Wait At The Ope The Lost Pieces
21:20 Milton Bradley Motor City Point Of No Return
21:15 Black Devil Timing, Forget The Timing Disco Club
21:09 Signal Spiral A1. Raster-Noton. Archiv 1
21:04 Mazzy Star Umbilical Among My Swan
21:02 Leadbelly Casey Jones - Pete Seeger Folkways: A Vision Revisited
20:57 le car Seventeenpointfive auto-biography
20:53 Jowandi World: Australia, Buga Wamba Australia: The Dreaming
20:47 Marzette Watts Ia Marzette Watts And Company
20:46 Alexander Robotnick blues 1 Rare Robotnicks
20:44 Slim Gaillard Fuck Off (The Dirty Rooster) If It Ain't A Hit, I'll Eat My...Baby!
20:41 Johnny Otis Rockin' Blues (Worn Condition) From Worn 78rpm: Savoy 766
20:37 Piano Suite No. 10 "Ka" (1954) II Giacinto Scelsi: Suite No.10, "Ka" (1954); Suite No.9, "Ttai" (1953)
20:34 Django Reinhardt Ain't Misbehavin' Chronological
20:30 Hydroplane Grand Central Hope Against Hope
20:26 Faust The Pyre Of Angus Was In Kathmandu Outside The Dream Syndicate
20:20 Impro Impro 04 Improvvisazione Impropria
20:13 Throbbing Gristle Persuasion 20 Jazz Funk Greats
20:10 Hypnotic Brass Ensemble Hypnotic Hypnotic Brass Ensemble
20:06 Low Slide I Could Live In Hope
20:03 Roky Erickson I'm Gonna Free Her I Have Always Been Here Before: The Roky Erickson Anthology
19:59 Emmylou Harris I Don't Want To Talk ABout It Now Red Dirt Girl
19:56 Michuru Oshima Tragedy/The Revived Ancient Insect Godzilla Vs. Megaguirus- Original Soundtrack
19:53 Burt Bacharach A House Is Not A Home Plays His Hits
19:47 Bill Van Loo sketch for Steve Roy 5 sketches for thinkbox
19:45 Charlie Parker Poquito De Tu Amor South Of The Border: The Verve Latin-Jazz Sides
19:41 Sebadoh On Fire Harmacy
19:37 Dick Hyman Stormy weather Blues in the Night, Dick Hyman
19:30 Ground Zero Paraiso 2 Ground Zero Revolutionary Pekinese Opera (Ver 1.28)
19:28 Curtis Mayfield & The Impressions It's Hard To Believe The Anthology 1961-1977 (Disk 1)
19:21 In The Country From The Shore Whiteout
19:18 Cecil Gant Cecil Boogie Blues In L.A.
19:16 Drivan Som en läderlapp Disko
19:10 Norm Talley Pulsate Transmissions
19:06 Barthomiej Niziol Piotr Drozdzewski - Sonata A Due Violini - Andante Quieto Polish Violin Duos
19:04 Dorothy Collins Why Do I Have A Shadow? Experiment Songs
18:59 Jagiellonian String Quartet Str. Quartet No. 1 - Animato Stachowski - String Quartets
18:55 Morsel Ocho Morsel EP
18:50 Jean-Claude Risset Mutations, 1969 OHM: The Early Gurus Of Electronic Music (Disc 2)
18:45 Will Johnson Vultures Await Vultures Await
18:41 Quintron Teenage Antoinette Are You Ready For An Organ Solo?
18:35 The Band Tears Of Rage (Alternate Take) Music From Big Pink
18:33 Waylon Jennings What Goes Around What Goes Around Comes Around
18:28 The Israelites Great Tribulation Roots
18:21 Herbert Suddenly (Herbert's Redub) Secondhand Sounds
18:17 Optic Nerve Metal Images Metal Images
18:14 E.T. Mensah Odo Anigyina Day By Day
18:12 Tom Glazer Energy In Roundabout Ways Energy & Motion Songs
18:06 Balil The Whiling Of Spirits The Philosophy Of Sound And Machine
18:01 Charles Kynard Odds On Legends Of Acid Jazz
17:58 Coasters Searchin' The Ultimate Coasters
17:55 Gilberto Gil Ela The Definitve Gilberto Gil: Bossa Samba & Pop
17:50 Johnny Blas We're Partners In Love Mambo 2000
17:47 Dekoboko Hajime Test Tube Nani Nani
17:44 Cluster Caramel Zuckerzeit
17:39 cylob Diof Cylobian Sunset
17:33 Gaspel Lawal Kita Kita Nigeria 70 (Disc 2)
17:26 Thelonious Monk Blue Monk Thelonious Monk
17:24 The Styrenes Inside Of Here It's Still Artastic
17:21 Stereophonic Space Sounds Unlimited Lino Ventura Spacesound Effect
17:18 Buddy Merrill Pagan Love Song Beyond The Reef
17:18 Aksak Maboul Ciobane Onze Danses Pour Combattre La Migraine
17:14 Wolfgang Dauner Quintet My Man's Gone Now The Oimels
17:12 Vibracathedral Orchestra Hall 7 Broke My Heart: True As God Dabbling With Gravity And Who You Are
17:05 Hossam Ramzy Praying For Rain Immortal Egypt
17:03 Anatol Stefanet Sirba Moldavia: The Art Of Bratsch (Viola)
16:59 G.D. Luxxe Empty White Submission
16:53 Tanburi Cemil Bey K Rdilihicazkar Pe Revi Tanburi Cemil Bey
16:47 Francisco Aguabella Guajira Candela Ochimini
16:44 Billy Butterfield Rumors Are Flying From 78rpm: Capitol 287
16:40 Les Baxter Blue Jungle The Exotic Moods Of Les Baxter (Disc 2)
16:37 Django Reinhardt Three Little Words Chronological
16:32 Aphex Twin Wet Tip Hen Ax ...I Care Because You Do
16:27 Philippe Laurent Industrieuse 3 Hot-Bip
16:26 John Baker Radio Sheffield (news idents) The John Baker Tapes vol.1: BBC Radiophonics 1963-74
16:23 Os Ipanemas Java Os Ipanemas
16:18 Ahmed Abdul-Malik Hannibal's Carnivals Jazz Sounds Of Africa
16:13 Art Farmer Confab In Tempo Early Art
16:09 Moonshake Up For Anything Dirty & Divine
16:06 Nechat Bey Husseini Taxim Open Strings: 1920s Middle Eastern Recordings
16:03 Johnny Cash Folsom Prison Blues Greatest Hits Vol 1
15:56 Jessamine All The Same The Long Arm Of Coincidence
15:47 Innerzone Orchestra Basic Math Programmed
15:43 Oum Kalthoum Ya Baghet El E'ied El Sa'Id Chansons A L'Ecran
15:38 Ndebele Women Emasimini South Africa: Songs By Ndebele Women
15:31 Pei Bird Lady An Anthology Of Chinese Experimental Music 1992-2008
15:24 Manu Dibango Waka Juju La Fete A Manu
15:19 Tadashi Tajima Yamagoe (Going Over The Mountain) Shingetsu
15:15 Assif Tsahar Embracing The Void Pt. 6 - September 1993 Embracing The Void
15:08 Coil 04 - Paranoid Inlay Musick To Play In The Dark II
14:50 Isaac Hayes Ain't No Sunshine Wonderful
14:48 Pizzicato Five Snowflakes Sister Freedom Tapes
14:45 Harold Budd A Change In The Weather Translucence
14:40 The Band Whispering Pines (Alternate Take) The Band
14:29 Yo La Tengo Spec Bebop I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One
14:25 Digable Planets Dog It Blowout Comb
14:24 L.A.M. Irradiated Balance Of Terror
14:21 Adauto Santos 02-Vingança do Chico Mineiro Varanda Sertaneja
14:08 Paul Bley Three Fifth Hands On
14:05 cylob Rewind (DMX Crew Version) Rewind
14:05 Derrick May It Is What It Is Innovator
13:53 Albert Ayler Prophecy: Ghosts (First Variation) Bells / Prophecy
13:41 Markus Guentner Pilot Pop Ambient 2001
13:38 Iggy & The Stooges Death Trip Rough Power
13:34 Bijan Chemirani Taksim Robab Gulistan
13:26 The Mixed Bag La Margarita Message from the Tribe: An Anthology of Tribe Records, 1972-1977
13:23 John Foxx 20th Century Metamatic
13:19 Roky Erickson Starry Eyes I Have Always Been Here Before: The Roky Erickson Anthology
13:17 Air Californie Premiers Symptomes
13:02 Hal Russell's Chemical Feast Four Winds Elixir
12:56 Jackie-O Motherfucker Your Cells Are In Motion Fig. 5
12:52 Roky Erickson & The Aliens Bloody Hammer I Have Always Been Here Before: The Roky Erickson Anthology
12:48 Piano Suite No. 10 "Ka" (1954) VII Giacinto Scelsi: Suite No.10, "Ka" (1954); Suite No.9, "Ttai" (1953)
12:48 Bible Launcher Sodomize Your Sons Bible Launcher
12:37 Funkadelic Uncle Jam Uncle Jam Want's You
12:34 Tlahoun Gessesse Ras-hen Btecha Ethiopiques 17
12:27 McCoy Tyner His Blessings Extensions
12:22 Max Roach Larry-Larue Deeds, Not Words
12:20 Os Borges O Sapo Os Borges
12:13 Roy Harper 07-Magic Woman (Liberation Reshuffle) Valentine
12:10 The Pixies Here Comes Your Man Doolittle
12:02 Patato Son De Patato The Legend Of Cuban Percussion
12:02 Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn [Untitled Hidden Track 3] Songs From The Black Mountain Music Project
11:59 The Moore Brothers Waking In Colossal Small
11:54 Ray Bryant Django Ray Bryant Trio
11:48 Bailter Space Get Lost Robot World
11:46 Tom Morrell & The Time-Warp Top Hands Lupus #1 Wolf Tracks
11:43 Corou De Berra Lou Mes De Mai Polyphonic Songs From The Southern Alps
11:41 Lionel Fanthorpe The Loch Ness Monster The Weird World Of Lionel Fanthorpe And Jon Downes And The Amphibians From Outer Space
11:38 Ivory Joe Hunter I Quit My Pretty Mama 1950 The R&B Hits
11:36 Flatt & Scruggs Give Me Flowers While I'm Living - 1959 Flatt & Scruggs - 1959-1963 - Disc 1 Of 5
11:29 Derek Bailey And Henry Kaiser Chrysantehmums Wireforks
11:26 Martin Dupont mouvement Just Because (Remastered With Bonus Tracks)
11:23 Corou De Berra Toumba L'Ouliva Polyphonic Songs From The Southern Alps
11:22 Tom Prehn Kvartet Herfra Til Marathon Tom Prehn Kvartet
11:16 Jeff Mills Final Night Of Ambient Light One Man Spaceship
11:07 Maya Beiser Le Grand Tango (Piazzolla) Oblivión: Music Of Piazzolla And Nin
11:02 Lee Morgan Over The Rainbow (Take 3 - Alternate) Dizzy Atmosphere
11:00 Joy Division Wilderness Heart and soul (disc 4)
10:49 Dirty Three Indian Love Song Dirty Three
10:46 Chimes Of Freedom Jungle Rock Girls In The Garage Vol 1
10:44 M. Mucci Selmun Bay The Secret is Knowing When to Close Your Eyes
10:40 Wire Feed Me (II) The Ideal Copy
10:36 Fred Van Hove Muziek Bij Stomme Film Complete Vogel Recordings (Disc 2)
10:31 The Styrenes Back In Hell It's Still Artastic
10:25 Manuel Göttsching Quasarsphere Inventions For Electric Guitar
10:23 NSI 3 Plays Non Standards
10:18 Diamanda Galas I'm Gonna Live The Life Malediction And Prayer
10:14 Tubeway Army It Must Have Been Years Replicas
10:10 NSI 16 Plays Non Standards
10:08 Bushmen Of Namibia Uribambi Namibia: Bushmen And Himba
9:45 Live Human Lazy Hip Jellyphant
9:39 Low Transmission Transmission EP
9:31 Ali Hassan Kuban Amira (Princess) From Nubia To Cairo
9:22 As One Meridian Reflections
9:19 the geneva accord dwight david eisenhower the geneva accord
9:16 Zwischenwelt Premonition Paranormale Aktivitat
9:06 Modul Kkun I Isol
9:03 Rufus Thomas Turn Your Damper Down Funky Chicken
8:56 Stasis Most Of The Time Past Movements CD2 - Unreleased
8:53 Lee Fields Steam Train Let's Get A Groove On
8:51 Dinah Washington You Let My Love Grow Cold Swingin' Miss 'D'
8:48 Asnaqetch Wergu Wegeme The Lady With The Krar
8:40 Sun Ra And His Intergalactic Arkestra Scene 1, Take 1 The Solar-Myth Approach Volume 2
8:39 Rockitt Twatt And The Fireman's Hoes #7 ...Soon To Be Naked In Budokan...
8:36 The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion History Of Lies Extra Width
8:34 Musicians Of Kenya Song Of The River, Karamoja (Uganda) Spirit Of African Sanctus
8:32 Various Artists - Star Trek Series Silvery Orbs Volume 1: The Cage/Where No Man Has Gone Before
8:12 Mandible Chatter Instigate . . . Acquiesce Drinking Out The Hourglass
8:08 Tortoise a simple way to go faster than TNT
8:06 Fletcher Henderson & His Orchestra Yeah Man JG64: Stompin' At The Savoy
8:00 Tomasz Stanko Quartet Song For Sarah Suspended Night
7:56 Terre Thaemlitz Jo The Waiter Replicas Rubato - Piano Interpretations Of Gary Numan Titles
7:53 Delia Derbyshire The Pattern Emerges Electrosonic
7:51 Eumir Deodato Ainda Mais Lindo Impulso!
7:48 Joe Griffith Walk Spin Shake And Rock Rip It Up
7:46 Thurston Moore Patti Smith Math Scratch Psychic Hearts
7:39 Lustmord Slabstone A Document of Early Acoustic..
7:37 Brian Eno & Harold Budd Steal Away Ambient 2 The Plateaux Of Mirror
7:31 Andrew Thomas I Am Here Where Are You Pop Ambient 2007
7:27 Bailter Space Shadow Vortura
7:24 Compagnie Nonna Sima - Silvia Malagugini Jesce Sole Folk And Sacred Songs
7:16 Labradford Listening In Depth Prazision LP
7:13 Caetano Veloso Chuvas De Ver?o Personalidade
7:12 Sun Ra The Confused Plane The Elightened Plane The Ark And The Ankh
7:07 M'Bady Kele Faba Guinea: Kora And Song Of The N'Gabu
7:02 Gilberto Gil Expresso 2222 The Definitve Gilberto Gil: Bossa Samba & Pop
6:53 Long Hair A Spirit or Something Children of the Wild Who Have Been Tamed
6:50 Martin Dupont sticks in my brain Just Because (Remastered With Bonus Tracks)
6:49 Karlheinz Stockhausen II Wirbelnd - Trommelnd - Knarrend Mikrophonie I And II, Telemusik
6:44 Sonny Simmons Green And Gold The Cry!
6:39 Techno Animal Bass Concussion Radio Hades
6:37 Roy Kay Trio Confused Wanderin' Mind
6:34 Thelonious Monk Mood Indigo The Complete Riverside Recordings (Disc 1)
6:33 Sebadoh Love To Fight Harmacy
6:26 Anthony Manning Concision Xiii A Manning Compendium
6:24 Brigitte Fontaine Encore Comme La Radio
6:22 Anatol Stefanet Sirba Moldavia: The Art Of Bratsch (Viola)
6:17 Scott Colley Americana Portable Universe
6:13 Talking Heads First Week - Last Week...Carefree 77
6:06 Anthony Braxton Klactoveesedstene Charlie Parker Project 1993
6:04 Esther Brinkmann einen garten am friedhof entlang Weisse Nächte
6:01 Jackie Brenston Gonna Wait For My Chance Trailblazer
6:00 Beautiful Bells Jungle Overview Managing Depth
5:55 Robert Lippok whitesuperstructure redsuperstructure
5:52 Herb Jeffries Calypsociety Jamaica
4:48 Maurice Ravel & Modest Mussorgsky Recomposed BY Carl Craig & Moritz Von Oswald Carl Craig & Moritz Von Oswald - Recomposed Vol. 3 [Deutsche Grammophon]
4:43 Chicago Underground Duo Fluxus Synesthesia
4:37 Philadelphia Heritage Art Ensemble Under The Bridge Under The Bridge
4:36 Dmitri Pokrovsky Ensemble Slow Kaliuki (Extract) The Wild Field
4:34 Cliff Bruner's Texas Wanderers I Wish I Could Shimmy JG62: Western Swing / White Heat
4:31 Elton Britt & The Skytoppers Detour RCA Victor 1817-B 78rpm
4:29 Raincoats Adventures Close To Home The Raincoats
4:25 Kangding Ray Interrompu Court Kangding Ray
4:20 GD Luxxe Cold Mines The 21st Door
4:14 Tito Puente Take Five Party With Puente
4:07 Rusty Bryant Rusty Rides Again Rusty Rides Again
4:00 Marcello Napoletano, IAMTHATIAM My Brothers The Space Voodoo
3:47 Sunn O))) Reptile Lux Black One (2CD Reissue) (Disc 2)
3:44 le car Flame Job auto-biography
3:38 Thelonious Monk 'Round Midnight The Complete Riverside Recordings (Disc 8)
3:30 Halifax Pier Wait Put Your Gloves On And Wave
3:25 Mark Pekarsky Artyomov - Sonata of Meditations - Midnight meditation Percussion in Russia. Meditation.
3:20 James And Brian Eno Say Say Something Wah Wah
3:09 Bauhaus Bela Lugosi's Dead Gotham
3:06 Betty Wright Clean Up Woman Can You Dig It? The '70s Soul Experience (Disc 2)
3:01 Low Words I Could Live In Hope
2:57 The Whitest Boy Alive Intentions Rules
2:51 Tom Prehn Kvartet Det Var En Sondag Morgen Tom Prehn Kvartet
2:43 Steve Roach Since We Are Away The Lost Pieces
2:38 Flowchart Hero Wine Multi Personality Tabletop Vac
2:36 Choying Drolma Je Lama Selwa
2:34 Bernard Purdie Give The Drummer Some Master Drummers Series
2:29 Pan Sonic Hallapyydys Aaltopiiri
2:26 Libby Larson Three Pieces For Treble Wind And Guitar: Canti Breve Dancing Solo
2:19 Herbert It's Only Bodily Functions
2:16 Spiritualized All Of My Tears Pure Phase
2:13 Freddy Cannon Transistor Sister Freddy Cannon His Latest And Greatest
2:11 Herbert Henck I Angelico [Música Callada - Book 1] (Federico Mompou) Federico Mompou: Música Callada
2:08 Rufus Thomas Love Trap Did You Heard Me? / Crown Prince Of Dance
2:02 Cher Take me home Larry Levan - Live at the paradise garage
1:59 Django Reinhardt Dream Of You Quintette Du Hot Club De France
1:56 Jackie Mittoo Whoa Whoa Macka Fat
1:50 Jeff Buckley Eternal Life Mystery White Boy
1:43 Alexander Von Schlippenbach Trio A Little Yellow (incl. 2 Seconds Monk) Pakistani Pomade
1:38 His Name Is Alive People Home Is In Your Head
1:25 Gas Zauberberg 3 Zauberberg
1:21 Coleman Hawkins Soul Blues Prestige Giants Of The Blues T
1:20 Raymond Scott Domino Manhattan Research, Inc. (disc
1:11 Califone Handpainted Halo-ceiling Deceleration One
1:02 Ron Hardy Bad Boy Ron Unreleased
0:57 Isan P.glitz A.d.s.r. 011
0:52 Mr. Fingers Bye Bye Amnesia
0:50 Loren MazzaCane Connors The Little Match Girl The Little Match Girl
0:46 Jazzanova Feat. Vikter Duplaix Soon In Between
0:43 Prolapse Mein Minefield, Mine Landmine Backsaturday
0:41 Dinah Washington Kissing Way Home Swingin' Miss 'D'
0:34 John Jenkins Tenderly John Jenkins, Cliff Jordan And Bobby Timmons
0:30 Nick Drake Fly Time Of No Reply
0:23 Foday Musa Suso Julla Fasso Hand Power
0:19 BG 183 aka Sortero Ortiz Casa Obalta Bronx Soundwalk: 5 Train Hunts Point
0:13 Esoterik Kwaidan Objets D'art 92::95
0:08 Tom Schmidt Jump The Escalator Rabble
0:04 Miles Davis The Meaning Of The Blues/Lamen Miles Davis At Carnegie Hall
0:03 le car Beau Ideal auto-biography

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