April 13, 2015

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23:59 Bobby Marchan The Things I Used To Do (Pt. 2) The Very Best Of
23:57 Buddy Holly Empty Cup (And A Broken Date) Chirping Crickets
23:51 Rabih Abou-Khalil The Sphinx And I Odd Times
23:42 Dirty Three warren's lament horse stories
23:41 John Baker Scene (never never) The John Baker Tapes vol.1: BBC Radiophonics 1963-74
23:39 Loren MazzaCane Connors The Road To Drumassy Calloden Harvest
23:35 Invisibl Skratch Piklz Tone Mind Zone The Shiggar Fraggar Show! Vol. 4
23:28 Aqua Regia Pump Up the LEDs 12" single 9 ird arq 2
23:22 Les Baxter Uncle Tom Tom Les Baxter's Teen Drums - Capitol ST 1355
23:18 Jeff Mills Mbm At First Sight
23:16 Johnny Cash The Ways Of A Woman In Love The Complete Sun Singles, Vol. 1
23:10 Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble Turbulent Mirror Toward The Margins
22:59 Monolake Ionized - Original Mix Cinemascope
22:58 Karlheinz Stockhausen Structure 29 Japan Temple Instruments Mikrophonie I And II, Telemusik
22:54 Caetano Veloso Irene Caetano Veloso [1969]
22:52 Benny Bell Ikey And Mikey From 45rpm: Vanguard 35209
22:49 Tito Puente Master Timbalero Master Timbalero
22:46 Exaltics We Come Around 1000 Lights in the Sky Part 2
22:42 Junket That's What You Always Say S.f. Claremont Hi
22:40 Irma Thomas Long After Tonight Is All Over It'll Never Be Over For Me
22:37 Pirin Singers The Colorful Bed Quilt Bulgarian Voices
22:35 Louis Jordan Jack, You're Dead Five Guys Named Moe
22:28 Mint Logopedie Kreisel 99/52
22:26 Pierre Cheriza Ayizan Hati: Music Of The Voodoo Cult
22:22 Alex Chilton Kanga Roo Live In London
22:22 John Renbourn Idaho Potato Keeper Of The Vine: The Best Of John Renbourn & Stefan Grossman
22:19 Deke Dickerson The End of the Line Number One Hit Record!
22:16 Calexico Track 06 Sing The Songs Of Franklin Bruno
22:12 Carlos Barbosa-Lima Impressao De Rua (Street Impression) Chants For The Chief
22:03 La Monte Young B Flat Dorian Blues 19 X 63 (5Th Day Of The Hammer) Theater Of Eternal Music
21:59 The Congos Noah Sugar Pan Heart Of The Congos
21:56 MC5 Human Being Lawnmower Teen Age Lust
21:56 Bass Mekanik Sine Waves Download
21:50 David S. Ware Mikuro's Blues Go See The World
21:48 Brigitte Fontaine And Areski Vous Et Nous Vous Et Nous
21:46 Marais The Balance Of Nature Nature Songs
21:42 Alex Chilton Lost My Job Stuff
21:38 Ectomorph Luscious Jackson - Nervous Breakthrough (Ectomorph Version) Versions - Remake/Remodel, 1999-2001
21:34 NSI 15 Plays Non Standards
21:31 Luiz Bonfa Quebra Mar [The Seawall] Solo In Rio 1959
21:17 Art Farmer You Gotta Dig It To Dig It Three Trumpets
21:11 M:i:5 Track 08 Maßtab 1:5
21:08 Ursula Bogner Punkte Recordings 1969 - 1988
21:02 Sergei Prokofiev Lieutenant Kij / The Burial of Kij Alexander Nevsky / Lieutenant Kij Suite (Chicago Symphony Orchestra)
21:02 Michuru Oshima Godzilla [2 Roars] Godzilla Vs. Megaguirus- Original Soundtrack
20:58 Solvent Shadowing The Mumbler Solvent
20:56 The Raymond Scott Quintette War Dance For Wooden Indians Microphone Music
20:52 The New York Dolls Coconut Grove Actress: Birth Of The New York Dolls
20:47 the black dog the weight (liposuction mix) The Book Of Dogma
20:44 Pole Fohlenfurz 3
20:41 Corou De Berra Se Canto Nice, Piedmont, Liguria: Polyphony Of The Southern Alps
20:33 Pendle Coven MVO Chamber Self Assessment
20:30 Outer Space Red Square (Live@Enemy Chicaco 12.6.08) Gemini Half
20:28 The Vibrators Sex Kick Live at the Marquee 1977
20:22 Mojave 3 Yer Feet (Live With Portuguese Fireworks) Return To Sender
20:18 Ensemble For Eighteenth Century Music Symp. No.6, D Maj., "Le Matin", Hoboken I:6: Menuet Joseph Haydn: Early Symphonies
20:16 James And Brian Eno Hammer Strings Wah Wah
19:05 Alan Silva And The Celestial Communication Orchestra Seasons Seasons CD 1
18:43 Live Human Lazy Hip Jellyphant
18:33 Electric Birds Radia Gradations
18:29 Alèmayèhu Eshèté Yesew Bet Yesew New Ethiopiques Volume 9
18:26 Autechre Nine Amber
18:24 Girls Against Boys Turn It Around - Girls Against Boys Music From The Motion Picture: Series 7 Are You Game?
18:22 Buddy Holly Dearest The Memorial Album
18:20 The Residents Laughing Song Duck Stab / Buster & Glen
18:16 Mongo Santamaria El Bote Sabroso
18:12 Daniel Miller & Thomas Fehlman Tuned Kreisel 99/39
18:09 Philippe Petit & Friends Succumbed To Gravity The Wire Tapper 25
18:04 Marc Ribot The Wind Cries Mary Rootless Cosmopolitans
17:42 Globe Unity Orchestra ...of Dogs, Dreams, And Death Rumbling
17:25 Dolmen Orchestra Ferma I'Ali Sequenze Armoniche: Some Gregorian Reflections
17:23 Mogwai A Place For Parks Ten Rapid (collected Recordings 1996-1997)
17:10 Gas Tal 90 (Version) November 1989
17:03 Takeshi Muto Hexose Flipped And Squashed EP
16:56 Madjid Khaladj Marpitch - Spiral Iranian Percussions: Tombak, Daf, Dayre And Zang-e Saringoshti
16:53 Vernon Garrett Shine It On Soulin' Volume 1
16:49 T.Rex Get It On (Work In Progress) Electric Warrior (30th Anniversary Special Edition)
16:36 Sun Ra Arkestra Saturn Rings/Friendly Galaxy Friendly Galaxy
16:29 Terry Riley Innocencia-Se Aparace La Muert The Book Of Abbeyozzud
16:23 Charles Kynard Zebra Walk The Legends of Acid Jazz - Charles Kynard
16:15 Albert Ayler D.C. Spirits Rejoice
16:10 Jeff Mills The keeping of the kept Metropolis
16:04 Computer Soup Beijing 251 Computer Soup
16:03 Raymond Scott Hostess: Twinkies Manhattan Research, Inc. (disc
15:58 String Trio Of New York Mournful Gut Reaction
15:54 Ø Kööpenhaminalainen Tulkinta Tulkinta
15:50 M:i:5 Bonus Kreisel 99/44
15:44 Thelonious Monk Jackie-ing The Thelonious Monk Memorial Album
15:37 Foday Musa Suso Tira Makan Kora Music From The Gambia
15:34 Joy Division Digital Heart And Soul [Disc 1]
15:33 Robert Lippok ultrared redsuperstructure
15:28 Aphex Twin Omgyjya-Switch Drukqs 1
15:23 Ran Blake Horace Is Blue Horace Is Blue: A Silver Noir
15:17 Low Boyfriends & Girlfriends A Lifetime Of Temporary Relief
15:12 Chicks On Speed Little Star Chicks On Speed Will Save Us All!
15:09 Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman Fame Perfume Set To Music
15:05 Destroyer What Road Your Blues
14:59 Fingers Inc. Mystery of Love Classic Fingers
14:57 Fred Frith Guitar Quartet Squinty Upbeat
14:54 Mogwai Summer (priority Version) Young Team
14:50 Adauto Santos 10-Triste Berrante Varanda Sertaneja
14:46 Patato Yo Tengo Ritmo The Legend Of Cuban Percussion
14:41 Vladislav Makarov Asphalt - Dactyl Golden Years Of The Soviet New Jazz Volume 3
14:38 Sleeping Dogs Lie American Joy
14:37 Jeff Mills The Watchful Eye One Man Spaceship
14:30 Thelonious Monk Epistropy The Complete Riverside Recordings (Disc 15)
14:25 Patato Oguerre The Legend Of Cuban Percussion
14:21 Chick Corea Elektric Band Check Blast To The Stars
14:17 Maurice Ravel & Modest Mussorgsky Interlude Carl Craig & Moritz Von Oswald - Recomposed Vol. 3 [Deutsche Grammophon]
14:13 Alberto Neuman Tango - Bohulsav Martinu Perpetual Tango II
14:07 Abacus Erotic Illusion (Instrullusions) Pure Filth
14:03 Neil Norman And His Cosmic Orchestra Men In Black Greatest Science Fiction Hits IV
13:59 Jimi Hendrix Highway Chile (Alt) Box Set - Disc 1
13:54 Johnny Blas Gianna Skin And Bones
13:52 Harlem Stars All Right Baby Texas Music Volume 1 [Postwar Blues Combos]
13:48 Helium Silver Strings No Guitars
13:37 Fela Ransome Kuti and Africa 70 Water No Get Enemy Expensive Shit - He Miss Road
13:33 The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Inside The World Of The Blues Explosion Extra Width
13:30 Sharon Jones Damn It's Hot (Part 2) Spike's Choice: The Desco Funk 45' Collection
13:26 Laughing Hyenas Everything I Want Life Of Crime
13:20 Ectomorph Bizarre Abstraction
13:16 Glen Velez Handance Hand Dance
13:12 Harry Partch Cloud-Chamber Music The Harry Partch Collection - Vol. 1
13:08 Brian Eno & Harold Budd The Plateaux Of Mirror Ambient 2 The Plateaux Of Mirror
13:04 GoGoGo Airheart Meet Me At The Movies Exitheuxa
13:00 Claude Young Days Of Old Soft Thru
12:57 Bob Dylan Don't Think Twice, It's All Right Essential Bob Dylan CD 1
12:54 Can Spoon Ege Bamyasi
12:42 Chicago Underground Duo Blue Sparks From Her, And The Scent Of Lightning Synesthesia
12:39 Barefoot Bill Snigglin' Blues Alabama Blues 1927-1931
12:36 Bauhaus Ear Wax Mask
12:19 Sunn O))) Alice Monoliths & Dimensions
12:19 Delia Derbyshire Doctor Who (Opening Title Theme, 1970) Doctor Who At The BBC Radiophonic Workshop- Volume 2: New Beginnings 1970-1980
12:16 Sun Ra Abstract Eye The Magic City
12:10 Pole Tanzen 1
12:03 Yagya Lost Track Rhythm of snow
11:53 Quantec Sector Unusual Signals
11:52 Cairo Caravan Gahwa Dance Time Belly Dance With Dina
11:40 Lee Scratch Perry Dubbing With The Super Ape Experryments At The Grass Roots OfDub
11:33 Solex You've Got Me The Laughing Stock Of Indie Rock
11:23 Theo Parrish Heal Yourself and Move First Floor
11:22 Felix Kubin ...Fuckmaschine Of Town... Filmmusik
11:19 Lee 'Scratch' Perry Heart of the Dragon Kung Fu Meets the Dragon
11:18 Michuru Oshima Operation Area Godzilla Vs. Megaguirus- Original Soundtrack
11:13 Brokeback In The Reeds Looks At The Bird
10:59 Alan Shorter Parabola Orgasm
10:56 Amon Duul II Archangels Thunderbird UA Years: 1969-1974
10:52 Prince Diabate And Amara Sanoh Lamaranaa Song And Kora
10:48 Sudeten Creche Asylums Are Kisses Out Of Fashion? EP
10:45 Arpanet lorentz contraction Inertial Frame
10:42 Thomas Köner ... Permafrost
10:33 Autechre Uviol Confield
10:26 Udi Hrant Kenkulian Setarban Taksim The Early Recordings Vol. 1
10:23 Neil Norman And His Cosmic Orchestra The Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzai Greatest Science Fiction Hits IV
10:20 le car Ersatz Audio, Motorway Sparks Auto-Graph
10:15 Faces Three Button Hand Me Down Best Of Faces- Good Boys...when They're Asleep
10:11 Ade Olumoko and African Spirit Agbe Yoruba Alpa Music
10:07 Gato Barbieri Last Tango In Paris-Ballad No Title
10:05 Akira Rabelais M2s Broken And Together Eisotrophobia
10:01 Marvin Gaye What's Going On What's Going On (Deluxe Edition) [Disc 1]
9:59 Los Indios Tabajaras Over The Rainbow Maria Elena/Always In My Heart
9:50 Love Committee Law & Order Salsoul 12"
9:47 Walter Jacobs And Lonnie Carter The Jazz Fiddler Folks He Sure Do Pull Some Bow
9:44 Koobas The First Cut Is The Deepest Nuggets II
9:43 The Makers Waste of Flesh The Makers
9:31 Eric Friedlander Beauty Beauty Quake
9:29 Muddy Waters Hoochie Coochie Man Muddy Waters -- Paris, 1972
9:26 Caetano Veloso Dada Tropicália 2
9:23 The Bulgarian State Radio & Television Female Choir Messetschinko Lio Greilivko Le Mystère Des Voix Bulgares
9:18 Waikiki Community Singers Medley: Pearly Shells & Tiny Bubbles Pearly Shells & Tiny Bubbles Medley
9:15 Ike Quebec Shu Shu Soul Samba
9:14 David Durrah Space 2 Message from the Tribe: An Anthology of Tribe Records, 1972-1977
9:11 Green Arrow Bambo Mwakatila 4-Track Recording Session
9:07 Hasil Adkins Gone Gone Gone What The Hell Was I Thinking
9:01 Robert Henke Layer 005 Layering Buddha
8:57 Insides Yes Euphoria
8:50 COH Devoto Maestoso Al Fine Strings
8:49 Paul Silverthorne Finale: Sehr Lebhaft Britten: Lachrymae; Hindemith: Sonate; Shostakovich: Sonata For Viola And Piano
8:45 Papa Levi One Night Stand Back To Basics
8:39 Autocreation Justice Loop Trance Europe Express 2 [Disc 2]
8:34 Savia Andina Seleccion Cochabambina Classics 2 (El Minero)
8:31 Maxwell St. Klezmer Band Hopkele You Should Be So Lucky!
8:24 I-Liner Beltway I-Liner EP
8:21 Blind Willie McTell Cooling Board Blues The Classic Years 1927 - 1940 (Disc 3)
8:17 New Klezmer Trio Short For Something Short For Something
8:13 Marco Werba Dario's Theme: Music Tribute To Dario Argento, Maestro Of The Horror The Horror Films Collection
8:10 Edward Thompson Florida Bound Alabama Blues 1927-1931
8:05 Joe Henry Lighthouse Tiny Voices
8:03 Jazzy J. 174th St. And Morrison Ave Bronx Soundwalk: 6 Train Bronx River
7:59 Halelujah Chicken Run Band Mudzimu Ndiringe Take One (1974-1979)
7:51 Astor Piazzola Adios Nonino (bis) Bandoneon Sinfonico
7:49 Brian Eno Chemin De Fer Instrumental 1
7:46 Chico O'Farrill La Margarita Fiebre Tropical
7:40 Interfearence Salvarsan Dinheiro / Salvarsan
7:36 Sonny Rollins No Moe Sonny Rollins With The Modern Jazz Quartet
7:33 Magnetic Fields, The Bitter Tears 69 Love Songs-3
7:27 Kraftwerk Spacelab The Man Machine
7:22 Burger Industries Blue Belle Kreisel 99/13
7:18 Daktaris Modern Technology Soul Explosion
7:14 Dominic Duval Passing Through The Experiment
7:04 Art Ensemble of Chicago A Jackson In Your House Live In Milano
7:03 Simon Pyke Robert Seidel Advanced Beauty
6:58 Johnny Frigo Thank You Collected Works
6:56 The Conet Project Tcp D4 19 Spanish Lady 00000 Ending Irdial The Conet Project
6:54 David Rothenberg John Wieczorek Robert Jürjendal David and the Ööbik Soo-Roo
6:49 Black Sabbath Supernaut Vol 4
6:47 Half Japanese 1,000,000 Kisses Greatest Hits
6:44 Piano And The Earth Shall Bear Again Cage: Works For Prepared Piano (Disc 2)
6:41 The Residents Harry The Head Freak Show
6:38 The Del McCoury Band City Of Stone The Family
6:34 Charlie Haden - Carla Bley Introduction to People The ballad of the fallen
6:29 Madala Kunene Cabazini King Of The Zulu Guitar Live Volume 1
6:25 The Dirty Dozen Brass Band What A Friend We Have In Jesus Funeral For A Friend
6:19 Califone Trick Bird Heron King Blues
6:17 Link Wray & The Wraymen Dixie-Doodle Walkin' With Link
6:11 Kinito Méndez La Grúa El Hombre Merengue
6:06 Aydin Aliev Mugham Vilayati The Garmon Of Aydin Aliev
6:01 Thomas Brinkmann .... .
5:56 Caetano Veloso Isto Aqui O Que é Ao Vivo Em Buenos Aires
5:51 South San Gabriel This Rookie Runs The Carlton Chronicles: Not Until The Operation's Through
5:48 Khac Chi Ensemble Northwest Folk Song Moonlight In Vietnam
5:44 Alva Noto U_05 Unitxt
5:43 Ex Models He Can't Put It Into Words Other Mathematics
5:39 Silver Jews The Wild Kindness American Water
5:36 Les Baxter Girl From Uganda The Colors Of Brazil/African Blue
5:34 Batacuda Fantastica Esquentando Os Tamborins E Cuicas Os Ritmistas Brasileiros
5:10 Mangalam (Rikhy Ray) The Rainy Sara Funky Classical Indian Music
5:03 Andrea Parker Melodious Thunk Melodious Thunk
5:00 Elton Britt & The Skytoppers I'll Find You RCA Victor 0378-A 78rpm
4:51 The Vandermark Five Super Opaque Target Or Flag
4:48 Goree Carter & His Hepcats Rock Awhile Texas Music Volume 1 [Postwar Blues Combos]
4:44 Hugh Masekela Toe Jam Boy's Doin' It
4:41 Toots And The Maytals One Eyed Enos Time Tough Anthology
4:32 Sunny Murray Giblet Sunny Murray
4:29 Louis Jordan Boogie Woogie Came To Town Louis Jordan And His Tympany Five, 1938-1940, Volume 1 (Disc 2)
4:26 Gilberto Gil Refazenda Refazenda
4:19 Plastikman helikopter sheet one
4:11 Kraftwerk Die Mensch-Maschine Die Mensch-Maschine (German)
4:09 The White Stripes When I Hear My Name The White Stripes
4:00 Phoenecia Melfad Brownout
3:55 Oumou Sangare Ne Bi Fe Oumou
3:53 Cleo Brown The Stuff Is Here And It's Mellow JG59: Jazz Piano / The Stuff Is Here
3:35 Jeff Gauthier Goatette Mask Mask
3:31 Arthur Russell All-Boy All-Girl World Of Echo
3:27 Bruce Haack / Ed Harvey Program Me Bite
3:25 Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 Tight Little Thing Mother Of All Saints
3:18 Uusitalo Korpikansa Karhunainen
3:16 Waylon Jennings New York City, R.F.D. Destiny's Child
3:13 Benny Goodman Air Mailed Benny Goodman
3:11 The Vaselines Slushy The Way Of The Vaselines
3:04 The Irresistible Force Lotus Position Trance Europe Express 2
3:01 Cal Tjader Ritmo Uni Ultimate Cal Tjader
2:58 Nina Simone Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood Anthology (Disc 2)
2:54 Dave Brubeck Pan's Pipes Near-Myth With Bill Smith
2:50 Savia Andina Piel Morena Classics 3
2:45 Anthony Braxton To Artist Murray De Pillars (8h) For Alto
2:43 Red Foley Cincinnati Dancing Pig From 78rpm: Decca 46261
2:35 Gaz Nevada Special Agent Man Morgan Geist Presents Unclassics
2:19 Orkestrion Suite - Garden Golden Years Of The Soviet New Jazz; Volume 2 (Disc 2)
2:12 Jessamine Schisandra The Long Arm Of Coincidence
2:06 Jackie Mittoo 16 - Death Trap Champion In The Arena 1976-1977
2:03 Juneau Number One Son Juneau
1:55 Bill Laswell Lost Roads Hear No Evil
1:53 Ella Fitzgerald W-Chick Webb Orch A-Tisket A-Tasket Ken Burns's Jazz: The Story of American Music
1:29 Matt Shoemaker Erosion B Erosion Of The Analogue Eye
1:26 Les Baxter Taboo The Exotic Moods Of Les Baxter (Disc 1)
1:21 Art Blakey Are You Real? Moanin'
1:14 jan jelinek they, them loop-finding-jazz-records
1:09 Ash Ra Tempel Phantasus The Best Of The Private Tapes (Disc Two)
0:59 Christina Kubisch Earth Two And Two
0:57 Ganglians Snake Eyes Ganglians
0:53 Moodymann Meanwhile Back At Home Forevernevermore
0:47 Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 Father Admonishing The Bishops
0:42 The Art Of Noise Close (To The Edit) Who's Afraid of...!
0:28 Basic Channel Enforcement Bcd-2
0:20 Bijan Chemirani Makrinitsa Gulistan
0:18 Jeanette Te Esperare 15 de Coleccion
0:13 Diblo Dibala Amour Et Souvenir Super Soukous
0:09 Milton Nascimento Nothing Will Be As It Was Milton
0:07 Curtis Mayfield & The Impressions Gypsy Woman The Anthology 1961-1977 (Disk 1)
0:03 Magnetic Fields, The Long-Forgotten Fairytale 69 Love Songs-2
0:00 Conrad Schnitzler Auf Dem Schwarzen Kanal Dirty Space Disco

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