March 8, 2015

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23:44 Alan Licht 14, Second, Fifth A New York Minute
23:33 69 Planet E, Ladies & Gentlemen 4 Jazz Funk Classics
23:30 Tlahoun Gessesse Lantchi Biye Ethiopiques 17
23:26 The Prisoner Number 6 Fights Number 14 The Prisoner [File #2]
23:24 The Makers Nothing in No Time The Makers
23:17 Can Uphill Delay 1968
23:13 Kinito Méndez Anjá, Juan El Hombre Merengue
23:07 Alice Coltrane Crescent Translinear Light
22:59 Chick Corea Duende Native Sense - The New Duets
22:56 Danilo Caymimi Aperta Outro Cheiro Verde
22:53 Benny Bell Ikey And Mikey From 45rpm: Vanguard 35209
22:49 Saul Cosentino Nueva Propuesta El Nuevo Tango
22:45 THE FUTURE Looking For The Black Haired Girls (rare Unreleased Pre-Human League Demo) From Blind Youth (http://www.blindyouth.co.uk)
22:42 Bee Mask ...so That We Each Wander Through a True Elysium Elegy For Beach Friday
22:35 codine Solve For X Circadian Rhythms
22:26 Ahmed Abdul-Malik Communication Jazz Sounds Of Africa
22:24 Alexander Robotnick soundtrack Rare Robotnicks
22:17 Yagya Lost Track Rhythm of snow
22:14 Django Reinhardt The Flat Foot Floogie Chronological
22:12 The Pixies Silver Doolittle
22:09 Knickerbockers You Told Me To Go Columbia 482-D 78rpm
22:02 COH Spiritoso, Con Amore Strings
21:59 Green-Arden Orch Marchéta-Waltz Victor 19117-B 78rpm
21:53 AFX Backdoor.Ranky.S Analord 11
21:51 Harry Partch Extracts From Bitter Music A Hobo Journal 27 Enclosure 2 (Disc 3)
21:48 The Alley Boys Of Abbeville Jolie Petite Blonde (Small Pretty Blonde) Cajun. Abbeville Breakdown 1929-1939
21:43 Mike Ink Jingle Bells Kreisel 99/51
21:37 Underground Resistance Punisher Revolution For Change
21:33 Memphis Willie B. Dying Mother Blues Hard Working Man Blues
21:29 Marc Ribot Have A Nice Day [*] Rootless Cosmopolitans
21:25 Marcello Napoletano Ottantotto The Space Voodoo
21:18 Model 500 Starlight (Echospace Unreleased Remix) Starlight Remixes
21:13 Han Bennink Another Mess Eleven Ghosts
21:13 Future Bible Heroes Cartoon Eternal Youth
21:10 Cal Tjader Sahib Ultimate Cal Tjader
21:02 Ahmet Ozden & Kumpanya Istanbul Estergon Fanfrae Tsigane De Thrace
21:01 John Baker Brass Bandied MQ LP14/1 The John Baker Tapes Volume 2: Soundtracks, Library, Home Recordings, Electro Ads 1954 - 1985
20:52 Abida Parveen Aandhi Chali To The Best Of Abida Parveen
20:46 Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto Berlin Insen
20:44 Flying Lotus Brainfeeder Los Angeles
20:42 Good Feelings Shattered Pebbles Vol 9 (Southern CA)
20:37 T.Rex Cosmic Dancer Electric Warrior (30th Anniversary Special Edition)
20:36 Mr. Peter's Boom & Chime Monkey River (Cha Cha) Haul Up Your Foot You Fool
20:28 Gavin Russom Night Sky (Mutant Beat Dance Remix) Night Sky
20:26 Scott Colley Voice Of Thought Portable Universe
20:19 Oum Kalthoum Araka Assya Ad Dam'i Tichouf Oumori
20:14 Anthony Shake Shakir Here, There & Nowhere Frictionalism 1994-2009
20:13 Erik Friedlander The Silver Bracelet, Theme The Watchman
20:09 Matinas Para Quinta-Feira Santa Terceiro Responsorio Emerico Lobo De Mesquita
20:08 People Of The Highlands Of Chiapas, Mexico Navidad - Mitontik(Tzotzil) Bats'i Son
20:05 The Moore Brothers Waking In Colossal Small
20:02 Dave Brubeck IPCA Dave Bruceck Octet
20:00 Johnny & The Hurricanes Beatnik Fly CD- Rock Inst Classics 60s
19:57 Morsel Hint Of A Manman Para Siempre
19:54 Lonnie Johnson The Best Jockey In Town Raunchy Business - Hot Nuts & Lollypops
19:50 Clusone Trio Sonoroso I Am an Indian
19:47 Jimmie Cross Super Duper Man 45 Red Bird RB10 042
19:43 Destroyer Mad Foxes Your Blues
19:36 Low Lord, Can You Hear Me? A Lifetime Of Temporary Relief
19:36 Tom Dissevelt, Kid Baltan Repeating Harp Figure (Sound Material For "Drifting") Popular Electronics: Early Dutch Electronic Music From Phillips Research Laboratories 1956-1963
19:31 Mandible Chatter Bundle Of Joy Drinking Out The Hourglass
19:22 Nico End Classic Years
19:10 Orbital Impact USA (The earth is burni Diversions (CD-S)
19:07 Secret Stars, the Shoe In Geneologies
19:05 Benny Goodman Clarinetitis JG06: Benny Goodman / Clarinet A La King
19:00 Kinito Méndez La Pegué El Hombre Merengue
18:56 John Cale Kiss Movement 4 - Violin Solo - Todd, Tiye, Quartet Eat / Kiss : Music For The Films By Andy Warhol
18:48 Stasis Alone Past Movements CD2 - Unreleased
18:45 Various Artists - Godzilla Godzilla vs. Destoroyah - Main Title/Hong Kong's Destruction The Best Of Godzilla 1984-1995
18:41 A Guy Called Gerald In The Beginning Hot Lemonade
18:38 The Sonic Youth Tuff Gnarl Sister
18:35 Johnny Cash Port Of Lonely Hearts The Complete Sun Singles, Vol. 2
18:30 ATYPIC Blah Applied Rhythmic Technology
18:24 Aphex Twin Start As You Mean To Go On ...I Care Because You Do
18:22 Uniao Black So Eu E Voce Uniao Black
18:19 Charlie Byrd Nuages The Guitar Artistry Of Charlie Byrd
18:15 Brigitte Fontaine Lio Comme La Radio
18:08 Shirley Scott 411 West Legends Of Acid Jazz
18:04 T.Rex The Motivator Electric Warrior (30th Anniversary Special Edition)
18:03 james kochalka superstars hot rod monkey monkey vs robot
18:01 Black Mass b03-voicesofdead Lucifer
17:59 Herb Jeffries Bayou Jamaica
17:57 Giorgio Moroder Faster Than The Speed Of Love From Here To Eternity
17:55 Joyce, Nana Vasconcelos, & Mauricio Maestro Suite: Carnavalzinho Visions Of Dawn
17:51 Raymond Scott untitled tracks from aquackanack
17:45 Ali Farka Toure Kelto Talking Timbuktu
17:42 Jorge Ben Os alquimistas estao chegando os alquimistas A Tabua de Esmeralda
17:38 Lee Morgan D. D. T. (Take 5 - Master) Dizzy Atmosphere
17:34 Ivo Perelman Living And Life The Seven Energies Of The Universe
17:31 Benny Goodman Air Mail Special Benny Goodman The Instrumental Hits (Disc 1)
17:24 Rhythm & Sound w Version Tikiman
17:22 Dave Pike Bronx Blue Peligroso
17:14 Evan Parker Synergetics No. 12 Synergetics - Phonomanie III (Disc 2)
17:11 Jeff Mills A Great Chase One Man Spaceship
17:06 Teresa Rampazzi Musica endoscopica: Stomaco Musica Endoscopica
17:03 ELpH vs Coil Anything That Flies Worship the Glitch
16:57 Depeche Mode Waiting For The Night Violator
16:51 Donny Hathaway Thank You Master (For My Soul) Everything Is Everything
16:48 Link Wray & The Wraymen Rumble Mambo Walkin' With Link
16:37 Thelonious Monk I Mean You Monk In France
16:31 St. Germain La Goutte D'or Tourist
16:27 Absolute Body Control Clouds Lost/Found
16:24 Django Reinhardt The Younger Generation Djangologie/USA
16:21 Gilberto Gil Ilê Ayê Refavela
16:18 Ella Fitzgerald And Duke Ellington I Like The Sunrise Ella At Duke's Place
16:17 Bass Mekanik Test Section Download
16:14 Lu Watters' Yerba Buena Jazz Band San Francisco Bay Blues Blues Over Bodega
16:07 Lalezar Ensemble Nazli Nazli Sekip Gider Music Of The Sultans, Sufis and & Seraglio: Volume 2 - Music Of The Dancing Boys
16:06 Neil Norman And His Cosmic Orchestra Men Into Space Greatest Science Fiction Hits IV
15:59 Can Uphill Delay 1968
15:54 Jeff Mills Fuzz Dance Purposemaker
15:51 Blind Willie McTell Georgia Rag The Classic Years 1927 - 1940 (Disc 2)
15:48 The Group For Contemporary Music Moses Buries The Taskmaster In The Sand Music Of Wolpe And Schoenberg
15:43 Ekoclef you have the clocks but we have the time Tapeswap
15:41 Ø Hion Metri
15:37 Claude Hopkins Orch How'm I Doin' 1932-1934
15:35 Moodymann Shades Of Jae (Part II), KDJ Shades Of Jae
15:31 Stereolab I'm Going Out Of My Way Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements
15:28 Loren MazzaCane Connors The Death Of Shelly Airs
15:25 Throbbing Gristle Beachy Head 20 Jazz Funk Greats
15:21 Joy Division Atmosphere Heart And Soul [Disc 2]
15:16 Enrico Rava, Stefano Bollani Cumpari The Third Man
15:13 Alan Shorter Joseph Orgasm
15:07 Soft Boys She Wears My Hair Underwater Moonlight (Disc 2)
15:06 Albert Ayler Interview With Kiyoshi Koyama Swing Journal, July 25, 1970 (XXXII) The Healing Force Holy Ghost CD 9
15:01 Drexciya Depressurization Deep Sea Dweller
14:55 Kinito Méndez Santo Merengue El Hombre Merengue
14:54 Karlheinz Stockhausen Struktur IV Elektronische Musik
14:53 The Residents Fingertips Commercial Album
14:51 The White Stripes I'm Finding It Harder To Be A Gentleman White Blood Cells
14:50 Polynesian Musicians Song Of Papa Teora Spirit Of Polynesia
14:37 Fela Kuti Alu jon jonki jon King of Afrobeat - The Anthology
14:34 Bar Kays Sock Soul 3000 Volts Of Stax
14:21 Thelonious Monk Ba-lue Bolivar Ba-lues-are Brilliant Corners
14:19 Beautiful Bells Laissez Managing Depth
14:14 Benny Goodman As Long As I Live Don't Be That Way
13:44 Fela Kuti Army Arrangement Army Arrangement
13:40 Bob Dylan If You See Her Say Hello Blood On The Tapes
13:34 Rachel's A French Galleassse Selenography
13:18 Marion Brown Blue Monk (Take 2) Songs Of Love And Regret
13:16 Bell Sisters Something Japanese 45rpm: Brad (promo) 2210
13:13 Django Reinhardt Solid Old Man Django With His American Friends
12:51 Marcel Duchamp An Interview With Richard Hamilton (London, 1959) The Creative Act
12:50 Alex Lifeson The Magog Gene Rodenberry's Andromeda - Original Soundtrack
12:47 Delarosa And Asora Wooden Toe Agony Part 1
12:40 Marcello Napoletano About Us The Space Voodoo
12:37 Obsil Snow Days In March The Wire Tapper 25
12:33 King Bennie Nawahi Ticklin' The Strings - King Nawahi's Hawaiians Hawaiian String Virtuoso
12:31 François Bayle énergie Libre, énergie Liée L'Expérience Acoustique
12:30 Ex Models He Can't Put It Into Words Other Mathematics
12:21 Charles Mingus Percussion Discussion Mingus At The Bohemia
12:18 Abdul Hussein Khan Shahnazi Mavaraounnahr Open Strings: 1920s Middle Eastern Recordings
12:15 Beat Happening Foggy Eyes Music To Climb The Apple Tree By
12:09 Hossam Ramzy Sunsise Over Giza Immortal Egypt
12:04 Stereolab Changer Switched On
12:00 Various Artists Fat Greasy Baby - Ropert Peeples The Paramount Masters (Disc 3)
11:58 International Novelty Orch. Monkey Biz-Ness Album
11:51 Vershki Da Koreshki Real Life Of Plants Real Life Of Plants
11:48 Charlie Parker Hot House Jumpin' At The Roost 1948-1949
11:45 Billy Eckstine Blowin' The Blues Away JG19: The Men / Jazz Voices
11:41 Tito Puente And His Latin Ensemble Giant Steps El Rey
11:37 Kinito Méndez La Pegué El Hombre Merengue
11:34 L. Subramaniam Farewell To Manju Salaam Bombay (Original Soundtrack)
11:32 Various Artists - Star Trek Series Caretaker, Lazarus Volume 3: Shore Leave/The Naked Time
11:29 Vibracathedral Orchestra Ordinary Babies Versatile Arab Chord Chart
11:24 Eddie Harris The Shadow Of Your Smile Artist's Choice- Anthology
11:21 Brian Eno Kurt's Rejoinder Before And After Science
11:13 The Vandermark 5 Coast To Coast Acoustic Machine
11:07 Suk Trio Dvorak: Trio No.2 In G Min. - Scherzo Dvorak- Complete Piano Trios (Disc 1)
11:05 Delia Derbyshire Plodding Power Electrosonic
10:59 Mr Fingers Amnesia Amnesia
10:42 Larry Polansky Psaltery The Theory Of Impossible Melody
10:40 Jaguars Hanky Panky No Title
10:25 Lutefisk Ravage & Rotate Burn In Hell Fuckers
10:22 Billie Holiday I Must Have That Man! Lady Day & Prez 1937-1941
10:19 Electrelane Oh Sombra! The Power Out
10:11 The Vandermark Five Sucker Punch Target Or Flag
10:04 Traxx Body Control Faith
10:04 Charlie Mauu & His Coconut Uke Te Hora Tamure Tahiti
9:58 Destroy All Monsters I Love You But You're Dead Silver Wedding Anniversary
9:54 Vibracathedral Orchestra This Is Where No-One Worked Out Dabbling With Gravity And Who You Are
9:26 Sun Ra The Magic City The Magic City
9:23 Mahmoud Ahmed Nafqot New Yegodagn Ethiopiques Volume 6: Almaz
9:22 Kraftwerk Régéneration Tour De France Soundtracks
9:20 John Baker Banshee Boogie MQ LP48/2 The John Baker Tapes Volume 2: Soundtracks, Library, Home Recordings, Electro Ads 1954 - 1985
9:18 Perrey and Kingsley Computer in Love The Essential Perrey and Kingsley
9:14 Hugh Masekela Vuca The Promise Of A Future
9:04 The Nels Cline Singers Something About David H. The Giant Pin
9:01 Six Organs Of Admittance Goat, Thorns And Brick Open Strings: 1920s Middle Eastern Recordings -- New Responses
8:52 Autechre Pule Chiastic Slide
8:47 cylob Balzouf Cylobian Sunset
8:42 The Fall Repetition Early Fall, 1977-1979
8:39 Nordic Chamber Choir En Une Seule Fleur O Magnum Mysterium
8:36 King Bennie Nawahi California Blues - Georgia Jumpers Hawaiian String Virtuoso
8:33 Django Reinhardt Moon Glow Chronological
8:29 Jorge Ben A História De Jorge África Brasil
8:27 Don Tiare And The Alohas Here Is Happiness (Koko Ni Sachiari) Great Melodic Hulas Of Hawaii
8:24 Los Straitjackets G-Man The Utterly Fantastic And Totally Unbelievable Sound Of
8:19 Legowelt Lake distrax Spaceforce
8:17 The Tahitian Choir Tangi Maha Te Tahitian Choir Vol. II: Rapa Iti
8:14 Cab Calloway Margie The Early Years, 1930-1934
8:10 Changui Yateras Triguna Del Alma - Armando Reyes Leievre Cuba: De Guantanamo A Baracoa
7:56 The Vandermark 5 Fall To Grace Acoustic Machine
7:56 Raymond Scott untitled tracks from aquackanack
7:52 Red House Painters Brockwell Park Ocean Beach
7:47 Forever Sweet Bleed Kreisel 99/30
7:44 Black Replica Mathematical Eyes-v3 Unreleased
7:33 Addisko Isometric Isometric
7:31 Otis Rush All Your Love Otis Rush 1956-1958: Cobra Recordings
7:22 Yagya Flight 643 Rhythm of snow
7:17 Mahmoud Ahmed Erè Mèla Mèla Ethiopiques Volume 7: Erè Mèla Mèla
7:14 Charlie Barnet W-Kay Starr Come Out, Wherever You Are Decca 18620A 78rpm
7:12 Malcolm Clarke Attack In Force [the Sea Devils] Doctor Who At The BBC Radiophonic Workshop- Volume 2: New Beginnings 1970-1980
7:11 Ground Zero Consume Mao Ground Zero Revolutionary Pekinese Opera (Ver 1.28)
7:04 Stereolab Soop Groove #1 Oscillons From The Anti-Sun
6:57 Juneau ...part 2 Juneau
6:54 Monty Luke Untitled Yesterday & Today EP
6:51 Benny Goodman There'll Be Some Changes Made - Louise Tobin Benny Goodman And The Singers
6:38 Alex Cline Driving To Iceland The Other Shore
6:33 Alejandro Escovedo Slip With These Hands
6:31 Five Keys I Wish I'd Never Learned To Read Golden Classics
6:28 Ahmed Abdul-Malik Rooh (The Soul) East Meets West
6:23 Lee Scratch Perry Lee Perry - Roast Fish and Cor Arkology Reel 3 Dub Adventure
6:21 Hopeless Homer The Girl In The Red Blue Jjeans Title
6:13 Lionel Hampton And Oscar Peterson Always Verve Jazz Masters 26
6:11 Sun Ra Interpolation College Tour Volume One: The Complete Nothing Is...
6:08 Savia Andina Rumi Songo Classics 2 (El Minero)
6:05 Hanggai Band Hope (Hooso) Hanggai (Mongolian)
6:04 Karlheinz Stockhausen I Trillernd Knallend Gellend Mikrophonie I And II, Telemusik
6:01 Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman Radar Blues Music Out Of The Moon
5:55 Aqnazar Parvana Shav Rumi
5:54 Malcolm Clarke The Minefield [the Sea Devils] Doctor Who At The BBC Radiophonic Workshop- Volume 2: New Beginnings 1970-1980
5:50 Lowfish Subs In The St. Lawrence A.d.s.r. 011
5:45 Kangding Ray _Isoline Stabil
5:39 Metamatics Somekind Spook Tinsel Shoal
5:32 Simon Nabatov Trio Let's Go Baby Sneak Preview
5:28 Sexteto Electronico Moderno Comin' Home Baby Sounds From The Elegant World
5:24 Mark Eitzel Go Away Caught In A Trap And I Can't Back Out 'Cause I Love YouToo Much, Baby
5:21 King Bennie Nawahi Ukulele Benny - Georgia Jumpers Hawaiian String Virtuoso
5:19 Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 Strife Is Good Lovelyville
5:14 Tortoise Glass Museum Millions Living Now Will Neve
5:10 freeform Fane Free EP
5:04 Kronos Quartet Loving Five Tango Sensations
4:59 Ravi Shankar Reflection Transmigration Macabre
4:54 Kongar-ol Ondar Gonna Move Genghis Blues
4:50 Philip Cohran Motherhood On The Beach
4:49 David Bowie Don't Sit Down Space Oddity
4:47 Roky Erickson & The Aliens Song To Abe Lincoln (Live) I Have Always Been Here Before: The Roky Erickson Anthology
4:44 Alloy Orchestra Subway Lonesome
4:41 Jega German Spectrum
4:35 Teye Mi Patio Viva El Flamenco
4:29 Mohamed Abdelwahab El Hawan Wayak Maazza Les Archives Vol. 6 1932
4:24 Mort Garson 04 Astral Projection Ataraxia The Unexplained
4:20 Pizzicato Five Collision And Improvisation Happy End Of The World
4:03 Deben Bhattacharya Jerrahi Prayer Of The Howling Dervishes Dervish Ceremonies
3:57 Marvin Gaye Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) What's Going On (Deluxe Edition) [Disc 1]
3:55 Albert S.Bregman - Pierre A. Ahad Role Of Frequency Micro-Modulation In Voice Perception Demonstrations Of Auditory Scene Analysis
3:30 Miles Davis Theme From Jack Johnson Agartha (2)
3:25 Aphex Twin 73-yips on
3:20 Art Ensemble of Chicago Get In Line A Jackson In Your House / Message To Our Folks
3:15 Mandible Chatter All Is Not God That Glitters Hair Hair Lock & Lore
3:11 Rema-Rema Fond Affections Wheel In The Roses EP
3:06 Masayoshi Fujita Jan Jelinek Workshop For Modernity Bird Lake Objects
3:01 Thelonious Monk You Are Too Beautiful The Complete Riverside Recordings (Disc 2)
1:56 Clara Lewis Needing You Tom Moulton-A Tom Moulton Mix
1:53 Dick Hyman Topless Dancers Of Corfu Moog: The Electric Eclectics O
1:50 Harry Belafonte Banana Boat (Day-O) RCAVictor 20-6771 78rpm
1:47 Charlie Christian A Smo-o-o-oth One The Genius Of The Electric Guitar Disc 3
1:44 Udi Hrant Kenkulian Hrant's Lament The Early Recordings Vol. 2
1:38 Dave Douglas Skeeter-ism Strange Liberation
1:34 Charlie Waller And The Country Gentlemen Remembrance Of You 45 Years Of Memories
1:30 Disco D Intuit-Solar, Subsonic Drive Comin From Tha D
1:27 Jackie Mittoo Channel One Crash Show Case
1:23 The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Do You Wanna Get Heavy? Acme
1:18 Deutsch Nepal Tintomara The Silent Container
1:13 Tin Hat Trio Sand Dog Blues Helium
1:07 Thelonious Monk With John Col Ruby, My Dear Thelonious Monk With John Col
1:03 Throbbing Gristle Hot On The Heels Of Love 20 Jazz Funk Greats
1:00 Halelujah Chicken Run Band Ngoma Yarira Take One (1974-1979)
0:57 Cosmin TRG Lillasyster Simulat
0:54 Sam Mayo Things Are Worse In Russia Sprigs of Time: 78s From the EMI Archive
0:48 Johnny Blas Inglesas King Conga
0:46 Home Towners College Days Album
0:44 Bobby Marchan Yes, It's Written All Over Your Face (Pt. 2) The Very Best Of
0:41 Ananda Shankar Snow Flower Ananda Shankar
0:41 Tom Dissevelt, Kid Baltan Rhythm Loop With Bass Patern (Sound Material For "Whirling") Popular Electronics: Early Dutch Electronic Music From Phillips Research Laboratories 1956-1963
0:37 John Foxx 030 Metamatic CD1
0:34 The Meters This Is My Last Affair Funky Miracle (1)
0:30 Autechre Track 3 Live At The DEMF
0:26 Remy Couvez Reverie Propos Insolites
0:19 Hossam Ramzy Praying For Rain Immortal Egypt
0:09 Electrelane Long Dark Rock It To The Moon
0:06 Brian Hyland Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Wacky Favorites Disc One
0:02 Djalma De Andrade(Bola Sete) Guitar Lamento Ocean Memories

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