February 27, 2015

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23:55 Fred Van Hove Speel Doosje Speel Complete Vogel Recordings (Disc 2)
23:49 Dan Bell Work That S***! Blip, Blurp, Bleep: The Music Of Daniel Bell
23:46 Eddie Floyd I Got Everything I Need 3000 Volts Of Stax
23:44 Bugskull Shorty Phantasies & Senseitions
23:41 Les Baxter Voodoo Dreams The Exotic Moods Of Les Baxter (Disc 1)
23:38 Art Ensemble of Chicago Slow Tenor And Bass Non-Cognitive Aspects Of The City
23:29 Coil 04 - Broccoli Musick To Play In The Dark V.1
23:20 The Ecstasy Of Saint Theresa Surfing On Steam, A) Deep Inside The Sun, B) Endless Experience Free-D - Original Soundtrack
23:17 The Dirty Dozen Brass Band Is There Anybody Here That Loves My Jesus Funeral For A Friend
23:11 talip ozkan Semah Mysteries Of Turkey
23:09 Pixies Cactus Surfer Rosa / Come On Pilgrim
23:02 Labradford Listening In Depth Prazision LP
22:56 Toumani Diabaté Sankoun Djabi Djelika
22:53 Hidden Ghost Balloon Ship Jonaccce Hidden Ghost Balloon Ship
22:49 Ø Kööpenhaminalainen Tulkinta Tulkinta
22:48 Dizzy Gillespie Dizzy Rapping With Audience Musician, Composer, Racounteur
22:41 Sun Ra Outer Space E.M (Emergency) Concert For The Comet Kohoutek
22:37 Merzbow Flare Gun Part 2 Flare Gun
22:33 Lee Perry Camp Of Righteous Black Ark
22:28 talip ozkan karsilama the dark fire
22:26 Herbert You're Unknown To Me Bodily Functions
22:18 Markus Guentner Damit Du Endlicht Weisst... Pop Ambient 2004
22:15 Solex Peppy Solex Solex Vs. The Hitmeister
22:13 Various Artists - Godzilla Sixty Million Year Slumber Godzilla 2000 Millenium
22:12 Kit Clayton 10-6 The Ping Pong EP
22:11 Raymond Scott Ohio Plus Manhattan Research, Inc. (disc
22:02 Sun Ra The Exotic Forest College Tour Volume One: The Complete Nothing Is...
21:57 Muddy Waters Young Fashioned Ways London Muddy Waters Sessions
21:53 Mulatu Astatke Esketa Dance The Heliocentrics
21:52 Gabor Csupo Dripping Shadow Liquid Fire (Disc 1)
21:48 Conrad Schnitzler Frozen Bubbles Ballet Statique
21:46 Pan Sonic Kuu Aaltopiiri
21:41 Dave Brubeck I'll Never Smile Again The Dave Brubeck Quartet In Concert
21:33 David Holland Quartet Interception Conference Of The Birds
21:24 Guelewar Werr Tullali Barr Halleli N'Dakarou
21:22 Various Artists Down In Tennessee - Lonnie Clark The Paramount Masters (Disc 4)
21:16 Kraftwerk Spacelab The Man-Machine
21:10 Ectomorph Only In Shadows Destroy Your Powercenters
21:07 Charlie Parker Hot House Bird At St. Nick's
20:59 dbx city on the edge of forever (with moritz von oswald) alien ep (pf 015)
20:56 Benny Goodman Serenade In Blue - Dick Haymes Benny Goodman And The Singers
20:53 Ekoclef sonic salvation Tapeswap
20:52 Various Artists - Godzilla Footsteps FX (Godzilla 1954) - Akira Ifukube The Best Of Godzilla 1954-1975
20:48 Prince Cinnamon Girl Musicology
20:42 Duo Peylet-Cuniot Doina For The Love Of Niguns
20:42 John Baker Look North: newstime The John Baker Tapes vol.1: BBC Radiophonics 1963-74
20:38 Nonato Luiz Viola Violada Carioca
20:33 Oval Schoner Wissen Iso Fabric
20:32 Nurse With Wound Man Is The Animal A Sucked Orange
20:20 The Vandermark 5 Happy House Free Jazz Classics Volume 1
20:17 Sebadoh Open Ended Harmacy
20:16 Tahiti: The Gauguin Years Chant In The Face Of Danger Songs And Dances
20:11 Vinyl Countdown Total Confusion 1 Kreisel 99/32
20:04 Steve Lacy Trio Absence Bye-ya
19:59 Longineu Parsons Funkin' Around (Amalgamation Of Sounds Remix) Spaced: Collected Works 1980-1999
19:57 Junket Four Minutes Too Long S.f. Claremont Hi
19:54 Euphone Nick Is Ryan Hashin' It Out
19:51 Little Richard Rip It Up SP 579
19:50 Loren MazzaCane Connors Untitled (Airs) Airs
19:47 Gal Costa Canta Brasil Personalidade: The Best Of Brazil
19:44 Autechre Krib Cichlisuite
19:40 J.J. Cale Woke Up This Morning Anyway The Wind Blows - The Anthology
19:38 Nemadi Women Daami Songs Of The Nemadi Women
19:32 Eddie Gomez Cheeks (Dedicated To Dizzy Gillespie) Next Future
19:29 Donovan Sunshine Superman The Very Best Of Donovan
19:26 La Banda Municipale De Santiago De Cuba La Comparsa Brassband From Cuba
19:22 Duke Ellington Move Over The Okeh Ellington, Vol. I
19:17 Stan Getz Baia Girl From Ipanema_Bossa Nova Years Cd 1
19:14 Pete Krebs & The Gossamer Wings Moon And Stars I Know It By Heart
19:10 Mark Eitzel Steve I Always Knew The Invisible Man
18:54 What We Live As Yet Unknown Especially The Traveler Tomorrow
18:49 Destroy All Monsters Magic Bag Silver Wedding Anniversary
18:44 The Blind Street Musicians Of Cusco Sahsaywamanpi Peruvian Harp & Mandolin
18:36 Banda Mantiqueira Cubango Aldeia
18:33 Cab Calloway Is That Religion? The Early Years, 1930-1934, Volume #1
18:29 Tito Puente And His Latin Ensemble Lullaby Of Birdland Mambo Diablo
18:26 Arlo Up Stab The Unstoppable Hero
18:20 Denman Maroney Double Zero Part IX Double Zero
18:16 Joy Division Heart and soul Heart and soul (disc 4)
18:13 Artie Shaw Could Be Artie Shaw
18:08 Alden Tyrell Knockers Times Like These (1999-2006)
18:03 Songs & Rhythms Of Morocco Ahouach Songs & Rhythms Of Morocco
17:57 Scion Part 04/w Mat. From Octagon, Phylyps Trak II/I, Q1.1/IIII Scion Arrange And Process Basic Channel Tracks
17:54 Dizzy Gillespie Dizzy Atmosphere JG28: Dizzy Gillespie / Early Years
17:47 Mojave 3 Girl From The North Country Return To Sender
17:43 Milton Nascimento Credo Clube Da Esquina 2
17:39 Papa Mali Bon Ton Roulet Thunder Chicken
17:36 Rahsaan Roland Kirk Bye Bye Blackbird Does Your House Have Lions-1
17:32 Arlo Too Sick To Tango Stab The Unstoppable Hero
17:29 Louis Jordan It's So Easy Louis Jordan And His Tympany Five, 1938-1940, Volume 1 (Disc 3)
17:26 Eumir Deodato Samba Novo Impulso
17:23 Svein Finnerud Trio It Was Preaching To The Wind The Complete Released Works 1968-1999
17:18 Milt Raskin Lanikai Exotic Tahiti
17:14 Coil The Spoiler Scatology
17:13 Orchestre Klezmer Shnayederl Un Shusteri Orient Express Moving Shinorers
17:11 Perrey and Kingsley Barnyard in Orbit The Essential Perrey and Kingsley
16:46 Vadya Lahari Kriti: Rama Katha Sudharasa Vadya Lahari - South Indian Ensemble
16:43 Optic Nerve Dream World Metal Images
16:36 Sadja Track 09 Term.08
16:10 Revolutionary Ensemble Jazz: Avant-Garde, Vietnam 2 Vietnam
16:10 Karlheinz Stockhausen Moment 25 Mikrophonie I And II, Telemusik
16:09 Augustus Pablo Rasta To The Hills Rockers Meet King Tubby's In A Fire House
16:03 Bailter Space Get Lost Robot World
16:01 Bud Freeman & His Summa Cum Laude Orch The Eel JG39: Chicago / Jazz City
15:54 Metamatics Halshanger Cross Spook Tinsel Shoal
15:53 Brian Eno A Measured Room Instrumental 1
15:47 Ken Nordine Truth Mute Word Jazz: A Transparent Mask
15:42 Faust Extracts 3 & 6 16 Dance Party Smash Hits!
15:35 Biosphere The Eye Of The Cyclone Substrata (outtakes)
15:34 Irwin Allen Oscillator II The Fantasy Worlds Of Irwin Allen
15:17 Pharoah Sanders The Creator Has A Master Plan Karma
14:55 Windy & Carl Antarctica Antarctica EP
14:53 Luiz Bonfa Variacoes Em Violao [Variations On Guitar] Solo In Rio 1959
14:47 Joy Division Heart And Soul Heart And Soul [Disc 2]
14:44 Fred McDowell 61 Highway The First Recordings
14:41 Tin Man Good Stuff Perfume
14:35 Ayers, Roy Can't You See Me You Evolution-2
14:32 Joy Division Digital Heart And Soul [Disc 1]
14:29 Perspects where are we desire and efficiency
14:25 Nova Sonic Down Hyper Space Sounds Just Like An Ocean Embracing Magnetics
14:23 The Velvet Underground Femme Fatale Peel Slowly And See - Disc 2
14:17 Kraftwerk Taschenrechner Computerwelt
14:10 Kate Simko God Particle Music from the Atom Smashers
14:08 Secret Stars, the Haphazard Joy Geneologies
14:05 Fred McDowell Woke Up This Morning With My Mind On Jesus The First Recordings
13:59 Jeff Mills A Peaceful Encounter Sleeper Wakes
13:56 Jandek Quinn Boys II You Walk Alone (1988) Corwood 0754
13:49 COH Path # 01 Patherns E.P.
13:44 New Klezmer Trio All Chords Stand For Other Chords Short For Something
13:40 Elvin Jones Hard Times Bill Frisell With Dave Holland And Elvin Jones
13:37 The Andy Statman Klezmer Orchestra Onga Bucharesti (Dance Of Bucharest) The Andy Statman Klezmer Orchestra
13:23 Art Farmer And Benny Golson Jazztet Autumn Leaves The Jazztet
13:19 New Orleans Musica Da Camera Sia Laudato San Francesco The Cross Of Red (Music Of Love And War From The Time Of The Crusades)
13:16 Kindest Lines Record Party Covered in Dust
13:10 Jali Nyama Suso Sutukum Kora Music From Gambia
13:07 Carlos Barbosa-Lima Canto Da Alvorada (Chant Of The Sunrise) Chants For The Chief
13:02 Moodymann Backagainforthefirsttime? Silence In The Secret Garden
12:58 Earl Gaines Hymn No. 5 The Sound Stage 7 Story
12:55 Friend & Lover Reach Out Of The Darkness Summer Of Love
12:28 Alan Shorter Disposition Tes Esat
12:25 Matinas Para Quinta-Feira Santa Terceiro Responsorio Emerico Lobo De Mesquita
12:22 Gargoyles Alternative, Thru The Rhythm Without End
12:19 japanese telecom axel f japanese telecom
12:15 Soft Boys Old Pervert Underwater Moonlight (Disc 1)
12:14 Innerzone Orchestra Wrong Number Programmed
12:11 Louis Jordan I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town Louis Jordan And His Tympany Five, 1938-1940, Volume 1 (Disc 2)
12:08 Cozy Cole's Band Look Here (Cool Jive) JG51: Jazz Guitar / Hot Fingers
12:06 June De Toth 143 Bartók: Complete Mikrokosmos
12:03 Absolute Body Control Numbers 11 (Silhouette) Lost/Found
12:01 Harry Partch King Oedipus 17 Enclosure 5 (Disc 2)
11:58 Oval Dynamo O (CD 1)
11:55 Mort Garson Mellow Mood For Maidenhair Plantasia: Warm Earth Music For Plants
11:47 Jackie O'Motherfucker bone saw Magick Fire Show - Wow
11:42 Jeff Mills reverting Purpose Maker
11:39 Marvin Gaye Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology) The Master-3
11:36 Benny Carter Donegal Cradle Song 1929-1933
11:33 Perrey and Kingsley Jungle Blues From Jupiter The Essential Perrey and Kingsley
11:28 Don Cherry Mu Pt1 - V. Terrestial Beings Mu - Parts 1 & 2
11:23 Solisti Di Praga Sextetto, Op.48: Furiant. Presto Antonin Dvorak: Serenada For Strings And Sextet
11:20 Jackie Mittoo Atom Sounds Show Case
11:13 Ø Olematon Atomit 12"
11:09 Kelabit Musicians And Singers Muwankai - Tanjung Borneo: Music Of The Dayak And Of The Punan
11:06 Sterling Trio Do What Your Mother Did 1920s Recovered Recordings
11:02 Garmarna Vittrad (Crumbling Away) Vittrad
10:54 Louis Bellson And Walfredo De Los Reyes Sentido En Seis (Six Feelings) Ecue - Ritmos Cubanos
10:51 Funkadelic Can You Get To That Maggot Brain
10:49 Benny Goodman Why Don't You Do Right Benny Goodman
10:43 Oriental Session Nassim Oriental Fusion
10:38 Jeff Mills outsiders Purpose Maker
10:34 Konk Konk Party The Sound Of Konk
10:32 The Conet Project Tcp D2 3 Dfd21 Dfc37 Irdial The Conet Project
10:27 carl craig ron trent - altered states (carl craig's east side remix) designer music: the remixes volume one
10:25 Eddy Howard It's All In The Game Eddy Howard And His Orchestra
10:23 The Prisoner End Titles The Prisoner [File #1]
10:18 Shirley Scott By Myself Legends Of Acid Jazz
10:11 Wolfgang Voigt Kafkatrax 1.2 Kafkatrax 1
10:05 B12 Phettt Time Tourist
10:02 Fraternity Of Man Boo Man Get It On!
9:57 Boulou & Elios Ferré Douce Ambience Pour Django
9:53 Pere Ubu Silent Springs Pennsylvania
9:49 Bee Mask In the Karst Interior Elegy For Beach Friday
9:46 Chief Bey and Ile Omo Olofi Motherless Child Children of the House of God
9:46 Tom Dissevelt, Kid Baltan Sequence No.5 (Sound Material For "Vibration") Popular Electronics: Early Dutch Electronic Music From Phillips Research Laboratories 1956-1963
9:43 Eddy Heywood & Orch I Wonder, I Wonder, I Wonder Your Hit Parade - 1947
9:39 One Hundred & One Strings- La Dolce Vita Love Songs Of Italy
9:36 Timmy Thomas Sexy Woman Dj Shadow + Cut Chemist Prod..
9:36 Ryoji Ikeda 0'12"32 A1. Raster-Noton. Archiv 1
9:35 B.E.F. B.E.F. Ident Music For Listening To
9:31 Matthew Florianz Shimmer Electronic Forest
9:26 Clatterbox Spatz Spatz
9:22 The Sea And Cake Two Dolphins Oui
9:17 Pearls Before Swine Suzanne Balaklava
9:14 Dog Faced Hermans Bride Has Feet Of Clay Bump and Swing
9:10 Sugarman Three Suzy Q Sugar's Boogaloo
9:01 Konono Nr. 1 Ungudi Wele Wele Congotronics
9:00 Neil Norman And His Cosmic Orchestra Xena: Warrior Princess Greatest Science Fiction Hits IV
8:53 Hal Russell's Chemical Feast Kahoutek Elixir
8:48 Corner Tour Slide Song The Come On Over
8:46 Amal Murkus Bhallelak Listen to the Banned
8:43 Heldon Zind Electronique Guerilla
8:41 Spiders on Phasing Spidersonphasing The Scorpions Studio Outtakes
8:37 Lt. Stitchie Flip Up Bangarang
8:36 The Conet Project Tcp D4 15 Spanish Lady 2 Finals Irdial The Conet Project
8:33 Ella Fitzgerald Taint What You Do JG05: Ella Fitzgerald / Sing Me A Swing Song
8:30 Tito Puente Cha Cha Cha Hoy Y Ayer
8:23 Lisa Carbon Hey! Music Trio De Janeiro
8:18 Manuel Gas Asi Hablo Zarathustra (2001) Improvisto!
8:15 Dabrye The Lish One/Three
8:09 Detroit Grand Pubahs Black Fu vs Jock Cousteu The Mad Circus EP
8:05 The Hadza Bushmen Of Tanzania Malimba & Chant The Hadza Bushmen Of Tanzania (Disc 1)
8:03 NSI 7 Plays Non Standards
7:56 Papa Mali I'm The One Thunder Chicken
7:46 Phoenecia Melfad Brownout
7:37 Tom Zé & members of Tortoise 15 Live @ Middle East, 5/19/99
7:34 Benny Goodman Body And Soul JG06: Benny Goodman / Clarinet A La King
7:30 Flavio Esposito I'te Vurria Vasa!... Neopolitan Songs
7:26 John Zorn 09 - Tre Nel 5000 The Big Gundown
7:17 Shackleton Asha In The Tabernacle Three EPs
7:15 Various Artists - Star Trek Series Silvery Orbs Volume 1: The Cage/Where No Man Has Gone Before
7:13 Bela Bartok Dance Suite - Allegro molto Symphonic Works V
7:04 Rusty Bryant Soft Winds Rusty Rides Again
6:59 Wu Quan Weather Forest An Anthology Of Chinese Experimental Music 1992-2008
6:56 Otis Rush If You Were Mine Otis Rush 1956-1958: Cobra Recordings
6:50 Sutekh Privacy Fell
6:42 Âme Rej (Original Mix) Rej
6:37 Dave Brubeck I'm Old Fashioned Plays And Plays And Plays
6:32 Bauhaus Spy In The Cab In The Flat Field
6:29 Billie Holiday Willow Weep For Me 1953-1956 Radio And TV Broadcasts
6:25 Various Artists (Chain Reaction) No. 7 - Original Mix Decay Product
6:16 The Brooklyn Sax Quartet Jitterbug Waltz The Way Of The Saxophone
6:14 A Certain Ratio Do The Du Early
6:12 Chick Corea Elektric Band Captain Jocelyn - Tribute By His Crew To The Stars
6:07 Ornette Coleman Poise Beauty Is A Rare Thing 4
6:04 Django Reinhardt Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea Django With His American Friends
6:01 Django Reinhardt Solitude Chronological
5:58 Little Richard In The Name (Version 4, Take 3) King Of Rock And Roll: The Complete Reprise Recordings
5:50 Art Pepper Las Cuevas De Mario Smack Up
5:48 Kangding Ray Parallel Automne Fold
5:45 the black dog raxmus spanners
5:17 Sonny Rollins Soloscope Part 1 The Solo Album
5:12 The Staple Singers The Weight The Best Of The Staple Singers
5:05 Sun Ra Outer Space E.M (Emergency) Concert For The Comet Kohoutek
5:03 Jeff Mills The Fifth Beginning One Man Spaceship
4:59 Ekoclef imperial Tapeswap
4:53 Brigitte Fontaine Lettre Monsieur Le Chef De Gare De La Tour De Carol Comme La Radio
4:46 Charlemagne Palestine Duo Strumming for Two Harpsichords - excerpt 2 Continuous Sound Forms
4:43 Cox Family I Am Weary (Let Me Rest) O Brother, Where Art Thou (Movie Soundtrack)
4:38 Bauhaus Hollow Hills Mask
4:34 Lo Borges Um Girassol Da Cor De Seu Cabelo Clube De Esquina
4:29 Jorge Ben Hermes tri A Tabua de Esmeralda
4:27 Jad And David Fair Nosferatu Monster Songs For Children
4:19 Philip Cohran Unity On The Beach
4:15 Tito Puente El Rey Del Timbal Oye Como Va!: The Dance Collection
4:13 Charlie Parker All The Things You Are Jumpin' At The Roost 1948-1949
4:10 Half Japanese Amazing Clock Greatest Hits
4:07 Los Iniciados La Marca De Anubis La marca de Anubis
4:01 Biosphere Algae & Fungi (Part 1) Cirque
3:56 Spanish Harlem Orchestra Cuando Te Vea Across 11th Street
3:52 Art Farmer Pre Amp Early Art
3:44 Cerberus Shoal Nod Mr. Boy Dog
3:39 MC5 I Want You Starship
3:36 Chargers Old Macdonald From 45rpm: RCA Victor 7301
3:34 Little Richard Rip It Up The Essential Little Richard
3:30 Tom Recchion The Final Fattening Chaotica
3:20 Ellen Fullman Nocnoca-Aconcon Flip Change of Direction
3:18 Hugh Masekela Ain't No Mountain High Enough The Promise Of A Future
3:12 Francisco Aquabella Agua Limpia Todo Cubacan
3:10 The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Train #2 Extra Width
3:04 Speedy J R2 D2 Blueprints For Modern Technology Vol. 2
3:00 Mahmoud Ahmed Atawurulegn Léla Ethiopiques Volume 7: Erè Mèla Mèla
2:57 The Raymond Scott Quintette Siberian Sleigh Ride Microphone Music
2:52 Papa Mali Bon Ton Roulet Thunder Chicken
2:49 Hossam Ramzy Silk Route Suite : Kathak Flamenco Arabe
2:44 Rockitt Twatt And The Fireman's Hoes Maui ...Soon To Be Naked In Budokan...
2:39 Pole Fliegen 1
2:34 the black dog tactile The Book Of Dogma
2:30 Joy Division Komakino Heart and soul (disc 2)
2:25 Toots & The Maytals Funky Kingston Funky Kingston
2:23 Benny Goodman On The Sunny Side Of The Street Don't Be That Way
2:18 Vitalic Trahison OK Cowboy
2:08 Thelonious Monk Hackensack Monk In France
1:57 Thelonious Monk I Mean You The Complete Riverside Recordings (Disc 14)
1:54 Johnny Claes & His Clay Pigeons I Heard JG49: Jazz In Britain
1:43 Eli Keszler Oxtirn 3 Oxtirn
1:36 Roy Harper Too Many Movies Valentine
1:34 Blind Lemon Jefferson Big Night Blues King of the Country Blues
1:29 The Beastie Boys High Plains Drifter Paul's Boutique
1:26 Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Ensemble Hahen Fukei Dreams
1:20 Dog Faced Hermans Keep Your Laws/Off My Body Those Deep Buds
1:19 Gabor Csupo Hungarian Dance #1 Liquid Fire (Disc 1)
1:17 we Uabmirib Square Root Of Negative One
1:12 Vince Guaraldi Trio Greensleeves A Charlie Brown Christmas
1:05 Jackie-O Motherfucker Native Einstein Fig. 5
1:01 Emmylou Harris Tragedy Red Dirt Girl
0:57 Abba Dancing Queen Gold
0:54 Bohemians Say It Again (Mono) 45 Blue Jeans 2810 B
0:44 Sonny Rollins Friday The 13th Thelonious Monk And Sonny Rollins
0:38 Modern Jazz Quartet And Milt Jackson Quintet Soma MJQ
0:38 Brian Hodgson Alien Control Centre [the War Games] Doctor Who: At the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Vol. 1: The Early Years 1963-1969
0:33 Mike Ink Mirage Kreisel 99/20
0:31 Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band Flora Hora Tsirkus
0:24 Thelonious Monk Four In One (Take 1) The Complete Riverside Recordings (Disc 13)
0:21 Garmarna Styvmodern (Stepmother) Vittrad
0:12 Lee "Scratch" Perry Roots Train - Junior Murvin & Dillinger Arkology Reel II - Dub Shepherd
0:09 Gale Garnett We'll Sing In The Sunshine AM Gold 1964
0:04 Foday Musa Suso Yata Kaya (Kolda, Senegal) Jali Kunda: Griots Of West Africa & Beyond

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